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Panic at work!!

So I dont know whats going on with me but my anxiety is out of control latley. I am usually very distracted at work and dpnt have an issue but today.... ughhh I am on my second panic attack and having to hide it is the worst. I can never seem to get to the root of the issue. Last night I was panicky and took a half of valium(prescribed) that I only use in an emergency situation. Im sitting here really trying to hold it together. Also if any of you take meds , do they drain you? I feel like I always have low energy and I know it can be attributed to anxiety but I am not anxious everyday.

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What has caused your panic attacks, just to know what the problem is can help you related to you condition.

I take an extensive list of medications and find that I become listless and very tired, my concentration with the mix of pan medications and medications for depression mix really well and make me next to useless

What else do you take with the Valium ?

When you panic try to control your breathing one thing you can try is cup your hand over your mouth and breath steady. This sometimes will stop you hypoventlate

The other thing you can try is just breathe deep and long

Your GP should be trying to get you some therapy. They will give coping skills


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I have had anxiety since a very young age. I take Lexapro at night. Im not sure what causes the anxiety. I have been trying to find out for years. I tried therapy and became frustrated so I stopped. I may try again and do some cbt.

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Why are you trying to hide it? Yes it's very embarrassing but most workmates will probably try to be understanding, even if they haven't been through it themselves. If you've only been given Valium for emergencies it might be worth seeing if you can get some antidepressants to help.


I take lexapro every night im working on calling my psych to change my dose.


I really do sympathise as I work in a busy Cafe and find it really hard to cope with the pressure. I don't have panic attacks but I come home feeling really drained and full of anxiety. I don't know if your place is the same but there seems little support and compassion at all, making money is the main concern and basically if you don't perform they manage you out the door. I really hope things get better for you and I,m sorry this isn't too positive but sometimes it is good to know your not on your own and there are people in similar situations. Take care.


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