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Back at work! :)

I had my first day back at work yesterday which went really well, I am doing a phased return so shorter hours. I am blessed with working with some very understanding and supportive people whom are certainly more my friends than colleagues!

Today was great too, I did have anxiety both mornings but have been reading Lizzie's books (if you read my previous blog you will see that I am a fan haha) to pull myself up and out of it as well as doing my deep breathing.

My colleagues/friends have been fab in welcoming me back and easing me into it. I know it does make some people slightly uncomfortable around you when you have been off for a while and there is hush hush as to why!! My manager is amazing (again I am so very lucky there too!) and extremely supportive even though she has enough to deal with at present!

So after all of their support and understanding I decided that I would send them the link to my original blog as they already knew that I had attempted suicide. We have always shared pretty much everything within the small team that I work in and it makes it easier to work with someone if you know what is going on with them too.

I was very nervous in doing this but knew they would be so very understanding and supportive. I made a point that they didn't have to read it if they didn't want to and I didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable about it but if they wanted to it was there and explained exactly what has been going on with me better than I could verbally.

Only a couple of my colleagues were at work today so they haven't all read it yet but my manager did and sent me an email about her negative experiences with regards to her self-esteem and appearance. I felt it was very courageous of her to open up to me about this as well and it was very nice to hear someone else's experiences as I am always interested.

Anyway so far so good, not sure what the weekend holds but will carry on with small steps and self-belief!!

Hope everyone else is feeling ok. As always thankyou for the support that has been given to me on here. There are some great people out there!

Love Em


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This has turned out really good for you & lovely to read

Well done





Hi Em,

That does sound really great, well done, and hope you have a peacefull weekend.




Hi em

You should be very proud of yourself. I've been in a dark place and dug myself out so I know how hard it is. You are lucky to have a good supportive team but remember to take small steps don't rush it and make time for you when you are not at work. Its a lovely post to read thanks for sharing take care Love eve x


Thanks guys, it was a relief to get back to work as I feel I have a bit of normality back.

Now to tackle the weekend!

Thanks Eve I will carry on with small steps and take time out when I need it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

Love Em


Great news Em and I am sure you will find going back to work will bulid up your confidence and the anxiety will ease. I have a part time job which I love. When I am there I have no worries and no anxiety, Wish it could be like that all the time. Small steps though and we will get there. Have a great weekend. xx


Thanks Jeffju,

It's great to have a job that you like and that helps to ease with the anxiety, I know for alot of people that is what causes alot of it.

I'm the same as you in that I get alot of the anxiety when I'm not at work and just needing to do the normal things like shopping or eating out etc!

We will indeed get there!

Hope you have a great weekend too :) xx


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