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Health scare

Well really bad day to day never felt like this before up this morning was doing great then all off a sudden felt like my heart was going really fast felt light headed and like I was going to pass out sharp pain and tightening in my chest my boyfriend phoned an ambulance and I was taken to A&E where my ecg showed my heart was beating to fast had blood test done and was found that I have high cholesterol and was told I need to get this sorted so of course that is me been panicking all day and can't think off nothing else and still getting this sharp tight pain in my chest and feel like it's just going to stop at any point really can't live like this I know that stress and panic can make your cholesterol higher but how do I stop panicking?? Just so scared right now. 😢

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I get where you are coming from

I have been suffering with indigestion and a bad stomach and no matter what I take or do I just cannot make it go away and because I have not long since lost my Dad to cancer I am now thinking I have the same and the anxiety is out the roof , not sleeping and cannot think of anything else and I know I am feeding the anxiety but when you get to such a lace it is so difficult to stop

Your Cholesterol , so many of us including me have high cholesterol but we can do something about it

Boring maybe but you need to change your diet , cut out all the fatty food , read the labels and make sure they are not high in Saturated fats , you can buy little drinks and spreads , Flora do them as well as other makes which people say have helped to lower their cholesterol as well as trying to exercise

Have a word with your Doctor , you never said what high was , was it above 6 . 7 ?

Depending how old you are and how high it is your Doctor may be happy to see if some life style changes will help it to come down or they may talk to you about meds

Also remember when they took that test no doubt you will have been eating & drinking , usually when we have a Cholesterol test we have them on an empty stomach or the readings will usually be high so maybe again your Doctor might want to do another test when you have been fasting and the result maybe a lot lower when you have

I am sure if they felt you were in any danger they would have not sent you home , obviously if your Cholesterol was high when they tested it they would say as they have to advise us to try & get it down but I really do not think they mean you are in danger right now but suggesting that long term high Cholesterol would not be good , but you have plenty of time to work on it

Take Care x

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Hi thanks for your reply Well she never actually told me what it was just that it was high and she would start me on medication for it and to change my life style a be honest I really have not been looking after my self for the past year and I am so afraid of dying I am scared to do anything so there for been sitting on my ass a LOT and really I am killing my self by not looking after my self.. But I just can't get motivated or shake this scared feeling I have constant x



I know what you mean when you are so anxious it is common we feel like we do not want to get up and do anything it can feel like we are froze ...I have just had dreadful anxiety over concerns about my stomach and been given meds & I am sweating so I feel it must be the meds yet they are helping my stomach so if I don't take them then my stomach will be in a mess it is like a vicious circle !

Maybe set yourself just little goals each day just to try and get yourself motivated again

Have or are you getting any support like therapy for your anxiety you really need to get some help sometimes trying to do it on are on is just not enough

Take care x

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