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Feel kinda relief"

Went to er last night! For stomach they gave me a GI cocktail anxiety flared up

They gave meds for it , and some other meds in my Ive to soothe my stomach" as, well they did blood work everything was good just my potassium was kinda low they gave me potassium meds, they did a urine sample , and EKG normal. The doctor said, my GI was acting up to low potassium and my acid reflex I ate something spicy the day before, she also tested me for hpyolori they going to call me with the results. It was a really nice lady who worked at the front desk" in the er when my nurse was taking kinda long getting to me she saw I was hyperventilating from my anxiety she was concerned she came to check" on me then the Dr and nurse came at the same time. To make a long story short the Lady came to talk to me after, her shift was over she gave me a warm blanket and a pillow she talked, to me saying I hope, u get better u have my blessing's I told her ive been suffering my anxiety for 4 due to a lost of a very close loved one. Plus my 5 year old son has ASD I told her I write to cope with anxiety she gave me a pin she that was her lucky pin but" wanted me to have it. I burst in tears my doctor also, was very helpful she understood my pain. I just have to deal with anxiety accept it don't let it get the best" of me I know I'm strong I can get better " it's nice to have support rather it's from love one's or stranger's. Sorry for the long post everyone who's dealing with anxiety we are strong we can get over this some day just stay confident! God will make it better"

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You have been to A and E and they have given you tests, to help and put your mind at rest. If you feel that you are going to hypo ventilate a paper bag can be placed over your mouth for you to breath into this will give you some form of respite.

When you get your results, if the hospital has made an appointment for you, go for your results at the hospital

Give about two weeks Make an appointment to see your GP for the results of your tests to put your mind at rest. Did the hospital give you a note for your GP. If so make an appointment with your GP Monday and take the letter for him too see

If you are really worried make an appointment too see your GP early next week and explain what has happened, also explain you are also awaiting test results for your head and tummy upset. I am not a GP, so I always advise all to visit their GP with any concern.



They gave me results at the er last 🌙 night! I have to follow up with my primary doctodoctor. The cocktail they gave me for my stomach didn't really help it's been upset off and on today! I think" it's gastritis. I didn't have a paper bag near i just have to learn to stay calm , thanks for the advice.



If you do not have a paper bag, cup your hands over mouth and nose for a couple of mins. Breath in and out that makes the air exhausted and it stops your hypoventilate

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I understand what u saying! It was about me hyperventilating it was about my stomach.


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