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Anxious every morning on waking. Anybody else?

Hi, I am so sick of waking every morning with fear & anxiety,it can last on & off all day every day. Have been on 100mg Sertraline for 5 weeks before that 50mg for one month. Does anybody else have this,how d you cope with it? I dread the mornings.

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Hi lancia, I often have this feeling as soon as I wake up as well. It always brings me down because I immediately think it means that I'm going to have a difficult day. I have found that the best way to cope is to force myself to get up and get busy straight away, showering, walk the dog etc as soon as possible and before I know it I'm usually distracted and busy enough to forget how I was feeling. Admittedly this doesn't always work, some days I just can't seem to shake the anxious feeling, but I'm sure a lot of people on here will agree that being busy or focusing on something else is the best way to get through it all. I'm not on any meds so I can't comment there but try and stay positive and find something to focus on every morning. Hope you feel better xx


Morning lancia

I know exactly how your feeling i wake up every morning with panic attacks and anxiety and like you i experience them throughout the day. It is a frightening my legs are like jelly shaking and you just feel like your not in control. I have been put on medication which i suppose to start today. Apparently the medication starts to make you feel better after 1/2 weeks this i am hoping. I can understand how your feeling its like no one understands but the good thing is here on this site everyone is willing to listen give advice etc.

Good Luck

Hugs Seyi x


if you suffer from anxiety it is apparently quite usual for it to be worse on first waking (it is for me) as cortisol is highest in the mornings. I find getting straight up and busying yourself works quite well for me. have you thought of or tried cbt, may be something that could help.


Hi love yes i know how you feel i wake up with such dread and have terrible fear and thoughts running through my mind its as if i am going mad which often leaves me drained before i have even started the day also a little depressed and its so horrible but i try to occupy myself with kids and going to work its hard some days when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and shut yourself away but i do make myself do something or i will go stir crazy if your not coping have a word with your gp for some councelling to try to help you solve the problems keep blogging we are here to help and we all feel like this day to day but try and fight the fears this is what i keep telling myself saying it will get better even though i have bad days xxxxx


Hi & thanks for answering,it has made me feel better knowing that it isnt only me with this rotten feeling. I was supposed to go for some cbt last week but the counsellor is off sick (probably with fear & anxiety lol) so just waiting for another date. Thanks again for answering my question. Will try to keep you all informed how I get on.Good health to all


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