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Scared of a vertebral artery dissection

Hello all. Woke up this morning with horrible dizziness room spinning. If I move my head to the left and look up I start spinning. An hour after I've been up I got horrible neck pain in the middle of my neck up to my skull. Now I have a buring pressure in my head. And I'm still having chests discomfort in the middle of my chest! It's driving me nuts and I'm can't get it out of my brain that I have a vertebral artery dissection and a heart attack at the same time HELP!!

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Have you been to the doctor? Sounds like you could have some serious anxiety going on. I have the dizziness feeling and I've been dealing with it for nearly 6 months now! It got a lot better as soon as I quit trying to fight the anxiety and just accept it. Then I started working out and eating really well! I wasn't feeling it at all. Then my dad tried to commit suicide and I totally fell off the wagon of everything I was doing that was good for me! It was like I took 10 steps backwards! Dizziness came back! So much anxiety!! Hope your doing better. When all this first started happening with me (PTSD, anxiety) I thought I was never going to get better. It was awful!! Thought I was dying!

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You have probably got a trapped nerve in your neck. I have chronic neck problems and my nerves are always getting trapped and it causes pain in my chest, upper back and on my spine. You should of course see a doctor, but I don't think you need to worry about it.


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My GP told me the wrecked discs in my neck can make you feel as though you're having a heart attack. Suggest going to see yours to have your mind put at rest. Hope this helps.


you probably slept wrong and your worrying yourself so much that it causing you to have chest pain. Try to take something and relax. I have had both symptoms before and it goes away. It does sound like you have anxiety. I have terrible anxiety and no telling what else from being shot 10 years ago. With anxiety your mind plays tricks on you, you start to worry and the anxiety and fear start to take over. I thought that my lungs were going to collapse last night but I fell asleep and woke up just fine. Maybe try to get you some rest?


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