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Hi am new to this av always came across them while on Google finding a reason for my symptoms when I no I suffer from anxiety and have been diagnosed with it unit for some reason still go looking for another reason/condition for the way I feel 🙈 it's different every day for me to day it's a really bad sore head sore neck tired no energy and just the horrible feeling this is it "am dying" 😭 it's so horrible to deal with and draining but right now I can't shake that feeling this is it.


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  • What you have is anxiety. Don't google. I've had those days where I just won't believe all this happening is from anxiety but it is. Once I agree to myself to accept that it's anxiety miraculously all my symptoms go away! If you've already gone to the dr and they've done test and then they told you it's anxiety then that is what it is.

    Please don't beat yourself up overthinking it's something else.

    Try to just accept the anxiety and see what happens.

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you ano a really need to stop going on google but I should be excepting it is anxiety because every time I put my symptoms in first thing that comes up is anxiety but no am never happy I keep looking but I am confident that I will beat this it won't beat me. 💪🏼 (well right now anyway)

  • I feel the same way really difficult to accept that I can feel this way for this long.

  • It is hard to except that all these symptoms are caused by anxiety? I get my good moments and bad but right now am on a good 💪🏼 and don't mean this nasty but nice to know am not of my head there are more people out there feeling the same gives me that little hope and push to say AM NOT DYING!!

  • I know what you mean you don't wish it on anyone but it feels better to know other people experience the same thing :)

  • And all the best to you too 🌺

  • the sore neck this is when you tense your muscles when your anxious, it can also cause headaches too. don't worry I'm going through the same thing :(

  • Same here. My neck & upper back are soooore. When I bend my neck to look at something it hurts . I'm looking for remedies to relieve stress

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