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Im so scared

I have to little girls and I'm scared I've only just got this weird thing a couple of months ago , get weird feelings in my head a a sizzling feeling in the back of my neck/head also I've been crying for no reason finding hard to sleep get annoyed quite easily and get quite anxious and sometimes I always snap at people and I don't know why please help?

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Its anxiety, you need to visit a good therapist to know the cause and to start proper treatment. You will be fine by taking medication, therapy and exercise. Xanax helped me with my anxiety issues and I feel quite relaxed now by regular counselling and medication.


hi Heatherjones , im sure i have anxiety too because all my symptoms is matching to pretty much all other symptoms ive been reading from diff people...i havent been to a doctor yet , keep backing down thinkng itll go away & ive been trying to control it...but i was wondering do i go to the hospital r find a therapist ??


Hey kerryxox, I've been experiencing the same thing for 5 months now. I actually have an appointment with Neuroscience tomorrow for a second opinion. It's a horrible feeling I know, but please try to ignore it. When did you first start noticing that feeling in your head?


The back and neck symptoms are definitely anxiety I get the same. You need to get sorted asap Dr should be consulted may give you meds to help and ask for cognitive therapy too. Good luck


What do you do for yours? How did you cure it?


Pkease visit your doctor and explain everything you are going through, physical and emotional. He will probably give you complete physical to determine if its physical issue or anxiety. I'm sure some of your anxiety will be eased by knowing what is going on with you. It could be your hormones, thyroid, adrenals or even vitamin deficiency. You need to do this asap for yourself and your family. Good luck and I'm here for you.


May have a pinched nerve ? If you are not getting enough sleep, you will be cranky next day . Should talk to your doc about why not sleeping . You may need something to help you . 😀


Hi Kerry, I get what I call a "static" sound coming from the back of my head.

My neck is such a mess from all the years of holding my stress there. When this

happens, I try to find a quiet place and listen to some relaxation tapes which helps

me to deep breathing. Everything is so tight in my head and neck that this is one

of the things that helps as well as warm paks. I cry and whimper for no reason

as well. It's hard not to be annoyed by what we feel on a daily basis.

I wish you well. Sending you a hug


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