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Is this really anxiety I'm just not convinced?


I recently have been diagnose with anxiety but I just can't accept that it is anxiety causing all of my problems and symptoms. I am 20 years old and have a daughter of 3 years. I just can't seem to go on another day feeling the way I do its been 2 month now. I have a major amount of pressure in my head and face, my ears click and feel full i also get some Whooshing in my ears at times. I have numbness and pains in my body,my eyes are very sensitive towards light and feel very strange at times. I wake up early every morning finding I can't get back to sleep as a feeling of unwellness comes over me and start getting aches and pains in my arms. My neck aches and shoulders ache I have also had muscle flutters and electric shock like feelings on my top lip and in my back. I can't feel my self having any panic attacks realy but just get a sense of something being wrong in my body and a sense of worry. I have also had stomach problems with the bile and acid reflux. Just wanted to see of anyone else experiences the same symptoms with their anxiety as I am unconvinced that it is what is causing me to be so I'll. The doctors havnt let me have any tests except from bloods and eurine which makes me think they are not doing enough to figure out the cause or ruling out other medical possibilities as I have been to a number of gas and A&E but they keep telling me I'm fine and healthy it's my second day on sertraline but I am fobbed off at taking medication after how much medication they have been putting me on for my symptoms. If I knew what was causing my symptoms and had proof maybe this anxiety wouldn't be a problem as big as it is. Should I actually trust what I am being told even tho i haven't had any tests to do with my head just a blood test and a urine test? Or if there's anyone out there experiencing the same symptoms it would be comforting.

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I have experienced all those symptoms. I have been dealing with this for 8 months now and I too thought there was a medical problem and still struggle to believe it is only anxiety. I am better but still not where I want to be.

I have had many blood tests

Chest x Ray

Heart monitor

And ultra sound of the heart

All to be clear.

I have seen many doctors all who say it's anxiety I've been to a psychologist and phychiatrist who assure me it's anxiety. So I should believe it right?

If you feel you need more tests go to a different doctor and push for it demand it they can't deny you tests if you want them.

I think that if you rule out whatever else you are worried about such as your head, then you can accept it is anxiety and move on and work towards anxiety treatment.

But to assure you your symptoms can definitely be anxiety related.

I hope you feel better soon.

L1994 in reply to Aazz

Thankyou so much it's really eases me to know that someone out there that has felt the same do. Thanx for the advice and that sounds like a good idea I haven't asked for any test so think I should do that and do let me know how you get on with your anxiety and what works for you are you on any meds for it? I am on my 3rd day of sertraline and take one 50mg at 3pm everyday and woke up this morning all shaky. Do you think this could be the reason?

Aazz in reply to L1994

Yes sertraline will make you shaky I took one 50mg pill and had shakiness and a pretty bad experience which I won't go into detail as I don't want to put anything into your head. I stopped taking it after one pill as I couldn't take the side effects. I then tried a different med at a very low dose and only lasted 5 days I just can't get through the adjustment period, I really wish I could take meds but I'm too sensitive I really hope it will work for you and just keep at it if you can.

The books I told you about really helped. what has helped me most is to stop focusing on my symptoms and just getting on with it and letting it be, it is very hard and I have good days and bad days but I do see improvement it's very slow though so I am trying my best to be patient even though I am so over it and ready to be normal again.

My next goal is to start an exercise program and improve my diet. I also want to start meditation too. I have two small kids so it's difficult for me to do the above I also am procrastinating a bit but I do believe these things have helped a lot of people.

Breathing exercises too.

Hope this helps :)

L1994 in reply to Aazz

Yes will have to try some out my self. I wouldnt wish this on anyone. Let's just hope we do find a solution that works for us. :-D

Hidden in reply to L1994

I haven’t tried them yet but the oharmisist told me it’s not side affects from the pull because the pill take weeks to get into our system she said it’s the symptoms of our anxoety and we think it’s the kill.

They did me the same thing..

L1994 in reply to QuriusGeorge

Are you on sertraline?

No I take zanex

When did you start taking it and what symptoms are you getting? :-)

This is a link to a list of symptoms of B12 deficiency which can cause anxiety etc

Unfortunately the usual test for B12 isn't that good and people can be told they are ok when they are in the large grey range at the bottom of the scale where you can be deficient in terms of clinical signs but the test results don't show that.

It can be very difficult to get a medic to listen to the guidance that they should respond to symptoms not the figures in results.

If you think, after looking at the symptoms, that it is likely then you should get the test done before you try supplementing .... and you may want to post results on the PAS forum for advice and support.


Boy do you sound just like me. For a little over a month I've had head pressure and in my face too. My ears have been popping and ringing. Also have muscle pain and numbness and weird vision. This all happened after I bumped my head and psyched myself out. I've been to two doctors and each told me I was fine. Try not to think about it so much. The mind is a powerful thing you can create your own symptoms. I started taking b12 pills and they work great.

Hang in there and try not to think about it. Let me know how you are doing!

L1994 in reply to Mason-123

Hey sorry only just seen replies and yeah it's horrible bit i am frustrated with every day waking up feeling nauseous burning up and sweating I feel like this for about 2 hours maybe a little more on some days I just want it all to stop I jave started getting palpitations and high blood pressure and I am fed up with wanting to be checked out at doctors but only having the same checked over and over again. I wouldnt wish this on anyone. Let me know if you get it sorted and how. :-)

100 Percent same symptoms except now I suffer from shortness of breath, I feel like my wind pipe has narrowed.neck pain, dizziness and my stomach feels constantly like something is eating my stomach lining or there are 2 dogs fighting in there.i also shake and twitch for no reason.I find it very hard to concentrate so work is hard.

I have had every test under the sun.I am on Zoloft 50mg for 1 month now with not much improvement .

Yes head pressure, ear fullness, whooshing and feeling faint a lot and it wakes me in the night too. The pressure in my head is intense and 24/7. Makes me feel like I can't breathe good and like I am being choked just enough to cut off some of the blood supply. My jaws hurt my cheeks hurt and I get stinging zaps or electric shocks in my face and head. I have had MRI and MRA of head and normal. Eeg last year normal awaiting another eeg soon and having to get dr to do peer to peer for denial of MRA of neck so that is in the process of hopefully getting approved. Day by day is so hard 24/7with these symptoms. It's hard to do anything. You are not alone. I get head rushes and whole lot of other stuff and it is horrible. I feel like I am going to drop dead or pass out or go into a serious seizures. I am in process of ruling out seizure epilepsy or non epileptic...and diagnosed with GAD and panic disorder otherwise if it is not the later of the two

L1994 in reply to Likeabadstorm

Hey. This post was 4 years ago. I would like to say i over come all this. I have with all these symptoms after being on meds for about 2 years and weaned my self off them. I havent been on meds for a further 2 years now and am in a better place now. I still have really intense anxiety over my health when things pop up and still have the occasional bad panic attack i just think it never fully goes away we just learn to deal with it. I knkw how your feeling as I have been through it all. Its hard. I hope you get your answers and if u need to know anything just give me a message. Its strange anxiety i still dont get it fully my self because I am fine some days now but others expecially when I'm not doing anything I am really bad again with my anxiety. It feels like after all these years it's crept back in to my life

Likeabadstorm in reply to L1994

Thank you so much L1994. I am so scared to try an antidepressant. I've been dealing with symptoms now for 14 months now and it's terrible. Especially with a 4 year. He's so used to me being able to do everything and have fun and all and now I'm like this for the past 14 months and he's seen the change in me and how hard it is daily. Sad really. He's been on multiple ambulance rides from me having to go 911. It makes me feel terrible. I used to take him everywhere and now I can barely do that. Do my best just to take him to church. I so hope I can get better and am so glad you are doing better. I pray this is nothing serious like seizures but it's crazy what I am going through. So hard to think it is just panic and anxiety. Thanks for the support

L1994 in reply to Likeabadstorm

You will get through this. My little girl was 3 when i first got diagnosed and i can understand what your saying about not being able to do much because it was hard for me sometimes to get through the day. Your mind takes over everything and u cant think straight or concerntrate. I think after all tests ruling out seizures and everything else is done to try meds I wouldn't know for sure if it was the meds that got me through it or where I would be if i didn't take the meds. I felt worse for a couple of weeks when i first started taking them but paramedics and drs told me to keep taking them and promised me i would feel better. It was after them couple of weeks i just all of a sudden stopped panicking as much and stopped going to drs every other day thinking there was something wrong and panicking. I still get days that Im so low and wonder if I should go back on them but I don't want to have to be dependant on them so decide not to. I am having panic attacks again recently and crying alot after going to the drs and being referred to colposcopy over the look of my cervix. That has set me back with my anxiety.what is your anxiety over. Us it anything specific that sets it off? Sometimes finding the cause of your anxiety can help a little bit to you over coming it.

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