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Is this anxiety related I'm so worried



I was wondering if anyone can help me.

I do suffer with really bad health anxiety and its getting to the point I feel like im dying I'm so scared.

The symptoms I am currently experiencing are as follow:- I have been getting really bad head pressure at the front & sides of my head. My ears are blocked & contionously ringing. Bad pressure in my nose. My nose & throat feel like they are drying out which seems to be effecting my breathing.

Also I am experiencing really bad shaking going through my head & body.

Its getting me so down right now I just want it all to end I'm so tired of fighting I just want to feel healthy & normal.

Any help or guidance woukd be much appreciated.


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Hi Monkeypanda

I too have bad health anxiety and what u have described is typical symptoms of just that I have so many I convince myself I'm dying because its impossible to experience all this and it being symptom of panic and anxiety are you on any meds


Hi Nat, thank you for your reply. It truly is the worst thing in the world having health anxiety. I feel like I am losing my mind from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed I am dealing with anxiety I just want it to go away. Do you ever feel completely spaced out & have memory problems? Mine is getting really bad. I'm currently taking propranolol. Do you take medication? X

Spacing out and memory problems are unfortunately symptoms of anxiety too. I have them bad.

Its horrible! I too face it. Nobody seems to understand it.

I have those symptoms right now but I think it's from the change in weather causing messed up sinuses. Because of health anxiety we all tend to focus on the symptoms "hyper-aware" and they get worse. The shaking part is your over sensitized nerves. Most of us here experience that as well.

Some of those sound like sinus issues but like gemfire said, all of us who are trying to overcome, but have health anxiety are hypersensitive , so every little thing gets to us more than the average person .My nerves are also driving me nuts so I get aches everywhere it seems :/ I recently purchased a neck pillow so I hope that it’ll relieve some of my muscle tension.

Try maybe getting an oil diffuser and using lavender oil , it’ll help calm the nerves or maybe purchasing a humidifier, it’ll help with dryness . Even though this may simply be anxiety, still try it out. I always had the AC on and like you my nostrils and throat were dry. I turned it off lately and just have a little fan on, the house warmed up a bit plus i got better sleep . Try some of these tips out , love, and see if it could be of some use.

Thank you all for your comments it really helps & is much appreciated. I think i am suffering really bad with my sinuses at the top of my nose is throbbing & front & sides of my head are full of tention. I am taking Sudafed but it doesn't seem to be helping. I have now taken ibuprofen and see if that helps with the pain. So painful & annoying. Has anyone else experienced pain with sinuses?

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Yes! Remember - it’s allergy season. I thought I was dying cuz, like others said, us anxiety sufferers are more sensitive to pain and feelings!

I’d lean forward and look down and get more pressure in my nose. I noticed it more during anxiety? But I’m pretty sure it’s sinuses.

Couldn’t hurt to check with your doctor! Heck, my ear was clogged for months and the pressure release the other day freaked me out. Friggen weird.

I had an MRI cus I’m a hypochondriac and nothing showed up.. so take it from me - sinus issues are common, and anxiety is also very physical. You got this.

Monkeypanda in reply to Hidden

Ah thank you. I wish I could have an mri i have asked in the past for a brain scan but they won't just do it unless they feel the need in necessary. So annoying! Like you I am a hypochondriac I worry about everything its exhausting Isn't it. How did you help your sinus problem ie what mefication did you take?

Thanks so much for your help. X

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Ugh don’t you hate that? The hypochondria in us doesn’t feel relief from that at all.. the good thing is the docs CAN tell if you need one. Even looking in eyes can be telling!

I actually didn’t take any medication for it. I get this every year around this time — I just let it go and do its thing. It sucks. I’ve had this my whole life for a few months out of the year but only noticed it when I got health anxiety!! It’s odd!

I would recommend a netipot, though. Anything with steam :) An eye, nose, and ear doctor can help see if there’s any severe clogging. My sis had to get her ear drained one year (sinus problems run in our fam and she was prone to ear infections). Check out an ENT specialist :) I promise it’s just an allergy. Google would love to tell you it’s not lol 😂

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