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obsession with singing

Hi guys,

I am suffering from GAD for last five years. I am writing for one specific problem here. I love music and I like to hear songs but I have habit when I listen to songs i feel urge to sing song and that is not just normal urge. If I try to stop myself I feel like someone else from outside is trying to stop me and it all feels so much anxious and my stomach churn starts afterwards.

I live in PG so If there is any song is going on TV I feel urge to sing but that is not good and even if I sing song I feel anxious thinking that people around me wont like it(because I am not good singer!!)!!

So finally music should be soothing for me but it is not!!

Do you guys think that this is OCD. Does anyone feel has this type of symptoms who is suffering from OCD?

Just share your thoughts!!

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This reminds me of when we can get anxious when we think we should not do something and the moment we get the thought " don't " we want to do it

For example we could be in the cinema feeling slightly anxious knowing we have to stay quiet and the moment we know that we can develop a cough or something like that

I think the more your mind is saying no " Don't sing " the more you will feel the urge to do it ....maybe just go with it accept it & you might find that way it gives this less power and slowly you will stop doing it so much

Having said that it is good to sing if it keeps you happy if you have a good voice or not :-/ x

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yeah I observed that when you say "Dont" It will give power to that obsession and it will be more discomfort and your example of cinema is good.

We all feel same way in so many scenarios!!

What I do is go out and sing alone, like on terrace where I can be alone!!

I am dealing with this thing slowly and it is getting less effective on me but still long way to go.

And finally it depends with whom I am watching TV and trying to sing.

Means If I am home I would sing as loud as I can, because there I wont be anyone to judge me!!


Well sounds like you are aware & know what to do but sing your heart out if that is what you like to do away from others and learn how to pull it in a bit when it could cause distraction when in company ...I am sure you will master how to do this :-) x

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Yeah It is all about experience ,

The more time you spend time with your anxiety the more you learn how to cope with this shit and also input from people like you helps!!


and also one thing when you do not say "dont" to yourself than that feeling feels like uncontrolled.

This is like spring. If you try to suppress it , you will feel anxious and it will swing back when you are finally done with saying "dont" to yourself . if you free it suddenly it will just open up so hard and you will feel like you are going mad and behaving uncontrolled,

I am not sure you feel all same way!

And I do not have proper words to express my feelings!!


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