Any tips on playing Guitar ?

Any tips on playing Guitar ?

I been playing for a good couple of years and I am getting better as time passes but I have been learnig by reading music called Tablature off magazines but I I play with reading I can't remember the cords. So is there a better way of remembering the songs. I take strong meds and It could be that but if it's just a certain technique I'd like to know please any info welcomed.

By the way it's a great anxiety buster taking your mind off all the worries.


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  • That's my Fender Stratocaster plays like a dream. 😊🎸🎶🎵🔊

  • My hands cramp up and I end up giving up because I dont want carpool tunnel

  • Any tips would be GREAT i wanna be able to play some songs for my fiance and I cant bear the wrist pain im a rightt and ried switching it strumming left and holding cords right hand but it doesnt feel comfortable either way /: and I cant even stretch my fingers out to get good grip on cords my nails are cut too so thats not an issue-_- im not musically inclined Isuppose

  • Yea thanks I keep forgetting about you tube and it's so informative.

    Thanks Zachary 🎸

  • Zachary I just took up what you said about going on You tube what a blast I didn't think these guitar players would teach us newbies for free. Looking forward to learning my favourites.

    Thanks for awakening me to this.

    How long have you been playing.

  • Hi Dodo, That's a beautiful instrument. I'm glad it gives you hours of enjoyment and takes your mind off your worries. There was a time I would play guitar a couple times a week. Would get a few people over and have a jam session. Lots of fun. Now my Gibson collects dust along with the other 2 guitars I have. My fingers are no longer calloused and it hurts to try and press the chords. I still do play the piano at Christmas time and sing. :)

    I like music. Grew up with music from an early age on. Mom played guitar and harmonica for every birthday. She would call a family member on their special day and as soon as you said "hello" there was a harmonica and guitar being played to the tune of "Happy Birthday" Music is good for the soul. Keep enjoying it Dodo.

  • In my father's house it had to be deathly quiet ,man looking back I was terrified of him anyway.

    Yea I notice if I don't play every day it hurts to play for a day is so. I have no feelings in my fretting hand at all the skin is really thick.

    I keep forgetting about you tube and it's so informative. I want to know about the take and long slides so yea you tube here I come.

    Tv isn't very good tonight . I got workers coming early to put a new door on my living so I better keep busy cause it's going to get really cold for an hour is so .Don't take long to hang a door does it.

  • Hi Dodo, yes, YouTube probably has what you are looking for.

    Is the weather there cold this time of year? It shouldn't take them that

    long to hand the door. I could sure use a new one myself. I can feel

    the cold come in during the winter.

  • Well I just went on you tube to look at some of these guitar players and this guy Marty Shultz I came across first time just taught me how to play paranoid in a matter of minutes. Why I haven't bothered going on there before to learn I just don't know. I didn't think they would freely give up their playing without cost. I think I could of moved further along if I did go on there earlier but excited to learn so much more. He showed each chord and hints I am so looking forward to the next few months to play my favourite songs.

  • Hey Dodo, that's great. I'm glad you gave it a try. Maybe one day you can make your own video on YouTube. I'm seeing more and more people on the forum saying they also play the guitar. Great instrument.

  • I thought you'd be in bed by now it's 4.50 here and I am wide awake. I been sticking to meditation and feel great. I been going to this park beautiful it's called Taffs well where my Dad was born and his Dad was born there . I would like to do a family tree to see where we came from because I know people went to Taffs well for the coal pits and quarry. There is a famous spring there that people used to heal.

    I am watching the Hatfields and Mcoys it really happened I just looked it up on Wikipedia. Rough times.

    Yea I think many here are learning to play guitar because shops are selling alot of used amps guitar and distortion boxes. People have the money to spend latelyI think the government is realising people need money to buy things to occupy their minds cause so many are falling I'll mentally . That's my guess 😊

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