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So last night I was drinking water and it felt like something was stuck in my throat (like food) so I can panicked and my throat felt tight like I can't swallow It feels like my throat is closing up on me I'm so scared this morning I woke up and my throat and my mouth is so dry I keep drinking water I'm so anxious and nervous about this I didn't get no sleep because of this do i keep coughing trying to make this stop anyone else have this ?

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Does it feel similar to when your sick with a cold or flu, your throat feels a little tight and sore by your lymph nodes? Or even when you try to keep from crying or do cry? When I get really really nervous or stressed my throat feels tight, sore, and voice gets shaky.


Yes it seems like I have a cold and is sore throat I keep swallowing every minute I been nervous about this since last night think something is really wrong :(


I assure you its the anxiety or maybe you could be coming down with a cold or flu? Please don't worry abut it being something worse and more serious. You'll be okay, just take some deep breathes and try to relax. I hope you feel better.

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