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Anxiety - hard to know....

Hi , i am new!

I like many of you here, suffer from tremendous anxiety at times!

It feels as if i cant even decipher when it is happening or if it is something else.

And of course it is frustrating.

I have trouble identifying what a symptom of anxiety because i have gotten new symptoms.. and some that worry and stress me out until l i go to the doctors..

its funny how Anxiety works and i am always forever trying to research about it to understand it.

But i do feel like a hypochondriac.

I am not embarrassed to go to the doctors or hospital about things.... especially if i am worried.

But it is frustrating that it all gets put to Anxiety etc...

i have triggers that elevate my anxiety.. mostly health related... and the odd personal everyday things, relationships, work, loneliness, idle time on my hands, etc...

The trouble is i google things too much and can often talk myself into having different symptoms of everything.

And i think it worries me that i can talk my body into it...

And half the time i have know idea when my anxiety is in full play...

i have other health issues, Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, asthma, (unfit and inactivity, and have only just started to get active again, walking etc.. daily.).

I got off my anti depressants , as they were causing a lot more health problems and anxiety.. 2 months off them now, and still feeling the withdrawls of Cymbalta....

I refuse to go on any kind of medication for it again, (but that is my choice, i dont recommend anyone else to do it, as i have been on them since i was 20yrs old. and a lot of other things like marajuana and alcohol when i was in my 20s , did not help...

but i am off all of that now...

I do smoke tobacco, but i am cutting back and want to quit, especially since it does cause anxiety and health problems etc

i think being active again is helping, and mentally especially. i have more energy to do it, now that im off my anti depressant. and i feel better.

i do have anxiety bad, but i am trying to get on top of it with anxiety modules / books and breathing techniques and distraction....

i am hoping i can retrain my brain and myself and get back the confidence i once had and build my self esteem back up, so i can enjoy life more and be happier. =)

has anyone else felt the same with Anxiety?

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Hello I can relate to the tobacco addiction. I've quit smoking by doing dip, got readdicted to smoking by doing gum. Nicotine is a hard thing to quit. Dont get down on yourself for trying to quit. A lot of your anxiety is probably due to you trying to quit. Please just do your best to try quit in stages. Quitting cold turkey works for some but not others and causes adverse effects for others! Remember that. We are here to get you through all stages of it. Chantax or whatever it is called worked wonders for me in quitting but also caused a lot of depression. It is something to look into but also beware of the side effects. Good luck and I'm here for support if you need it!!

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Hello, thank you for your response. =) i do agree with you. I have cut back which seems to be helping. And i am currently walking everyday. (rain, cold, wind or shine etc). It is helping loads. I don't drink or use drugs and i'm off my anti depressant which has helped immensely!

Slow breathing (deep breaths) help with my over breathing.... anxiety.

Hi SONNZ. It's brutal isn't it. If you are well enough to say, can I ask what you meant by " new symptoms" ( as in what are they) and also what older symptoms have you had?

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Hi there Clarita83. Yes it can be very brutal! I guess with my new symptoms being pressure on my chest area, like shortness of breath (which i woke up gasping for air) and feel squeezing on my heart, hard to take a proper breath, felt laboured.... and constant light headedness. i've had tightness in my arm, swelling, tingly numbness hot flushes etc. I actually went to the ER this morning, and i had an EKG test and blood test, and it came back normal. I spoke to the doctor for about an hour and expressed all my worrysum concerns and all that i had been experiencing. The doctor looked through my medical history etc. He said he had no reason to be concerned for me, as he explained that it is anxiety / panic, that makes me over breath, not allowing natural carbon monoxide to regulate with breathing. Too many breaths , oxygenated,. I need to work on how to deal with the feelings i get when i know i am beginning to do this. Learning ways to cope with anxiety and learn ways to deal with things like my breathing when i feel it coming on. etc. He was really thorough and calming and understanding.

If you are worried and concerned, please do not hesitate to go get checked out. working on my fitness for 30mins everyday is helping, eating better, cutting down dairy and smoking and distracting myself, keeping busy, is helping. =)

Never feel embarrassed or scared to go to ER if you feel you need to, or to your GP. Express your concerns. =)

But like myself, i need to learn to trust the doctors more and the tests they do.

If you are adamant that there is something wrong, ask for more tests etc.

Get the reassurance you need. If it helps with your anxiety. That's what i have done. Hope this helps.

There are many things you can do to help with your anxiety.

I have seen counselling, and a psychologist, and will be going again to one.

Also i have books and modules that can help me, eg breathing techniques and changing the way you think about things etc, recognizing triggers. Ask your GP about these and whether you can see a psychologist. (referral) They will give you modules, books etc. Send them to you, and you can have phone counselling. =) Hope this helps. =)

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Hi SONNZ =) Very interesting to read the different experiences everyone has. I tend to ask questions of others before I express any of my symptoms to see if there is a " YES" or " AHA" moment I could relate to. It feels good when that happens, but NOT good that IT'S happening, if that makes sense. I was sort of hoping but not hoping, that you would describe feeling what I feel, this one particular symptom that terrifies me and keeps sleep from coming. What a selfish thing to say and all for the purpose of not wanting to feel alone. Believe me, I am GLAD for you that you did not list the symptom. The symptoms you did list, all too familiar.

My very first very bad no good experience came for me 3 years ago. That was the first time I did the running to the ER and GP's and therapists. My symptoms were so severe that time and probably compounded by the fact it was " my first time" to have gone through a bad panic attack, that attack seemed to trigger the downfall. Weird. I kept going back to Dr's until I was satisfied all was working well with my body. Then forums like these helped to confirm it is just anxiety. I once convinced myself I must have mercury poisoning! It was bad, haha. Therapy helps- talking and talking and crying. Some things come out that you didn't even know were there!

This time around I am not that concerned body wise. I did go get some blood work done though because really, you never do know especially with illnesses that run in the family. I am at that age where I should do a full physical anyway. Will report back on my page once the results are in. Glad your results were sound =)

As I mentioned before with therapy and how answers come out of the blue with talking, do you believe you are going through this because of something in particular?

Also, have you ever had to reply on antidepressants?

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Hi Clarita83, Thank you for your reply. =)

I can relate whole heartedly!

And i have done the all too familiar run to the ER and GP.

My first bad experience was when i was driving home from work on the high way. Suddenly i had vision balck out, like a shade coming down over my eyes and i had a sharp pain in my head, i could not keep my eyes open, and had to pull off the side off highway.

It was pretty scary.

The second time this happened was a little over 3-4months ago. But it happend while i was in bed, i woke up and couldn't see out of my left eye, blotches, vision splotches in eye. blurry etc. Black out.

The third happened about a month ago, and same thing, but while watching T.v.

And recently its happened.

I get a severe pressure / throbbing and pulse in my neck head and ears, especially if i haven't had much sleep the night before. And with this i get dizziness, rapid heart racing and blurry vision. I also get puffy eyes, and pains in head, like sharp ice pick, and pain around eyes and head.

I have seen an optometrist, and have been referred to an eye specialist towards the end of this month.

History of Glaucoma runs in my family, and i also have some closure on my vessels around eye, small.

I was told i am getting checked for angular closure, which can cause blindness all of a sudden. (which is worrying me)

The throbbing pressure in my neck/ ears/ head etc seems to trigger it, and im not entirely sure why it keeps happening.

Doctors keep saying its Anxiety.

I haven't followed up with a CT scan or chest X- ray, or anything else. Because Doctors don't deem it necessary. But i will push for them if i get any worse.

I have had an ECG and bloods, when i thought i was having a heart attack etc. ( Fitness level is the key and quitting smoking). Test came back normal.

I have had blood tests done , and it came back with elevated white blood cell count and liver. Which sent my lymph nodes up, tight, swallon and into fight or flight mode.

i was taken off a medication to see if tat is the problem, and i also noticed i was taking paracetamol for a long time, (not over the recommended dose, but everyday for over a year, maybe longer). not even realising how long for, because i use it very casually for pain, headache, etc, on things that aren't necessary. I googled about paracetamol and it says it can cause damage to liver if not taken properly or for long periods of time. (only meant to take it for 48 hrs, at a time). This could be why my levels are elevated in Liver etc...

I go for another blood test at the end of month, i've had an upper abdominal ultrasound done, this morning. (Liver/ spleen/ gall bladder and pancreas.). Could be a gall stone... Ruled out thyroid etc.

I have had pancreatitis before, 2 weeks hospital. But NOT alcohol induced. (maybe smoking and sugar). (about 5 yrs ago now.). But bloods came back normal for that too. Ultrasound might show up more.

Since coming off my Anti depressant my anxiety is up. I have more energy etc and other symptoms have disappeared. But a lot more from anxiety seem to be turning up.

Physical exercise / walking everyday is helping immensely. Keeping busy helps.

I guess its all trial and error with the Doctors etc. I will just have to wait and see how i get on. I am praying i will be ok.

I will keep you posted on how i get on.

Thank you. =)

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Also in relation to Anti depressant and coming off, i have experienced a wide range of withdrawl syndrome symptoms.

Anxiety related, hot flushing, numbness, tingling, breathlessness, and Brain zaps, vision blurred, Ear pressure, headaches, pressure, jaw, clenching, etc. It might be all realted. who knows.

Hopefully i can find out whats going on.


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Hi again SONNZ =) Oh, the withdrawl symptoms sound very common in those weaning off. I was lucky that when I was coming of a 5 month stint on Zoloft nothing like that happened. But, those symptoms were already there for me before Zoloft intake. Hope those pesky symptoms sort out sooner than later. I hear they do go away =)

That experience with the blackouts and such, horrible. How very strange our bodies can be. During my first horrible experience 3 years ago, something odd happened to me as well. I had been casually driving to the market when suddenly my right eyelid started to swell up out of nowhere. This threw me off. I went down about 5 minutes later. There was no insect bite or nothing. Some of these things are the reasons why Dr's sometimes look at people like us in a weird manner!

Yes, do let me know how your tests go for you. Will keep an eye out for an update.

Keeping busy is definitely important. Today I got myself a small adult coloring book with some color pencils and am planning to sit down and color. I cannot decide whether it is wise to choose the time of afternoon I get most anxious to start coloring. It scares me to think that if one day I cannot color at such time that my head will lose it. Of course what I am waiting for is to get back to the days where these sort of thoughts and fears don't even cross my mind. Hope you get there too. And I will be keeping you in my thoughts!

Hi there Scarediam. Thank you for your response. =) Anxiety is definitely not easy! And like you, i am always worried about my health, which unfortunately sends my body into flight or fight mode. I am really bad emotinally when i get my period, and i agree that it is because i have PCOS. i have the worst irritability, mood swings and pain in my breasts... (cysts) as well as pelvic. And does cause me anxiety when it comes round.

Hi scarediam, yes , time of the month can definitely bring on anxiety and physical symptoms. Especially with mood swings, emotions, pain etc.

Try to Get to know your body. Different things can relieve these symptoms. Exercise, diet and distraction. I take fish oil capsule everyday.

Vitamin D can help too, but i would suggest getting checked for levels first. (blood test) .

I also take evening premose oil which can help too. (Periods).

Exercise is really good! Especially mentally. Slowly get back into it, if you've been inactive for awhile , and try everyday, at least a 30 min walk or break it up into 10 min walks 2-3 times a day, you will feel the difference. If your close to supermarkets, you could walk to get items for lunch or tea each time, to give an incentive to walk.

Also Find a hobby to, something you are interested in, keep yourself busy. It will help. I have adult colouring books and i like to play my keyboard etc. And i really like going for my walk. =)

Things that you like, that relax you. =)

SONNZ, I can relate to the frustration at how quick Dr's are to chalking up our experience with Anxiety. I have heard stories where Dr's did this to patients when really there was an underlying health matter that needed to be treated with medicine other than those of Anxiety sufferers. In many cases though it is Anxiety.

Just this week I did this.... I went to a new medical centre and saw a new GP. I had actually asked the reception who she recommends for me and that is who I went with. Good choice by the way. I went under a semi guise that I am there to get a physical to where how my overall health is doing without giving hints about my recent anxiety attack and subsequent symptoms. This way I could have my blood checked out and other areas without alarming the Dr that it is all just anxiety- this way I feel I am giving myself a fair chance at proper diagnosis. Tricky, huh? =)

I expect my results next week sometime, and THAT is when I will bring up my panic attack and the rest and go from there.

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