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Anxiety for 3 weeks

So about 3 weeks ago I hit my head on a corner while I was picking something up. I didn't pass out or anything but instantly thought the worse like a brain bleed. Ever since then I've had non stop headaches and pressure in my face. I get light headed/ nausea and my vision has begun to get a little funny. I've been to two doctors already who said everything was fine and I don't need a CT scan or anything. I feel like it's the stress and anxiety that is causing all these symptoms but it's hard to believe sometime. Hoping it's just stress and anxiety and it will eventually go away.

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I'm sorry you've been feeling this way, sounds horrible but I'm sure the doctors are sure its not brain bleeding or something worse. I'm sure a CT scan would put you at ease but trust the doctors. Don't stress yourself out thinking its something horrible. I hit my head a few months ago and had to get staples. I got a CT scan and everything was fine but I did worry for a couple days and have anxiety because, well, its scary hitting your head and cutting it open. the anxiety went away though. I just had to keep telling myself I went to the doctors and was fine. I hope you feel better.



Thank you for this. Hope everything is going well with you.


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