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Bad health anxiety

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So recently I've been super stressed and I've had trouble sleeping. I've also been having bad headaches ( which I assume are caused by my stress and anxiety) but anyways I've been terrified at the thought of having a seizure or passing out. No one in my family has history of epilepsy or anything and I've never had a seizure before but I keep thinking imma get one. If anyone could give me advice I'd appreciate it 😁

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Oh and I'm 19 ( if that helps with anything )

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Are you working or in university or military? People often obsess around particular issues. Your sleep deprivation is something to discuss with a professional

Why do you think you will have a seizure, you are not diagnosed with epilepsy. You need to see a doctor or therapist for some help, you are obviously struggling. I get anxious so know how you feel

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Xain in reply to Maisie1

Well idk I get these feelings that feel like they could lead to a seizure, but they never do so idk why my mind is constantly telling me I'm gonna have a seizure. I always tell myself I'm not gonna have one but it doesn't help.

I feel you have health anxiety. Your mind can play tricks on you. Have you seen a doctor. Where do you live

hello, from my experience, the best anxiety relief was from chamomile. I find it extremely relaxing and helps to get some good sleep.

At the moment I am taking some natural sleeping aid made from Chamomile and valerian and this has been the best for me

I had 3 seizures and was never diagnosed with epilepsy, all 3 times I was highly anxious and stressed.

I never really had a an explanation what caused them, I remember going for tests etc .. but no reason was given.

I know what the build up feels like and I felt like I was going to have one about a year and a half ago, it's the worst feeling ever, I had totally forgot about the seizures until the feeling came over me, it's almost like a rigid feeling with a flapping hand, but I think it's the fear that's worst especially if your out in public. Now when I find myself getting overly stressed I sit down and drink water slowly.

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