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Repeating anxious conversations in your mind

I came back to post a reply on someone's question and I can't find their post now! But it was a great question and if the original person who asked it sees this please let me know!

His or her question was about replaying stressful conversations in your head over and over to a point things are even more elavated and anxious then they really likely are.

I do this too and it really is a lose lose situation. Stressing yourself out, replaying conversations looking for clues or better replies we could of made during that conversation.

I decided I really really dislike my boss at work. Other workers just laugh behind his back when he takes his hissy fits blaming everyone in site for often his own mistakes. He will tell someone to do something infront of witnesses and then go back later to say he didn't say something. He also embarrasses people by yelling at them infront of others.

It is almost 6am now and I have not even laid down in my bed because a repetitive infomercial of his tyrannical garbage is running threw my brain. I am struggling to make sense of something I can't make sense of. I should of took some anxiety medications 8 hours ago.

My doctor just smiled when I told him my problem and said I have to learn to brush unimportant things off. But added he knew I was a sensitive person. I dislike when my mind goes to a very unfamiliar place wishing something knocks the winds out of my bosses' sails. That kind of negative thinking just drains me. It is not like wishes have any effect on things either way - but he wastes enough of my time without giving him more.

When I was in bad relationships or around my mother my brain would repeat our anxious conversations over and over too. It is a symptom of anxiety for sure. I handled myself excellent at work yesterday during one of his fits. I was rather proud of myself for keeping calm and stating my case without showing anything other than professional conduct when he wrongly accused me of something. But then after I got home I started to remember other times things did not go so smoothly.

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you know I have been known to do this.. an awful lot in fact most people do.. however recently I read a book which pointed out that everything in our head is really and ILLUSION it isn't real.. think about is usually things in the future, which may or may not happen.. colored by things from the past.. past painful events which are now gone.. when you realise that these thoughts are nothing more then that I found it helps a lot.. just an illusion.. that's all take care x

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Thank-you for your reply. I have heard similiar things ton what you are sharing now.

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I was the one who posted it!!!

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❤️ Great to hear from you! I was thinking about your post- so glad I found you!

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Here's the link for the post...

Hope this helps.



there is no solution for this problem and I am not taking pills for any of my problem!!

As you will be noticing that these conversation take over you when you are alone or you are not feeling well or you have your time of anxiety!!

Only solution to this problem is you just be around people who understand you and are helpful to you!!

Just join some group!!

Or go out with your boyfriend!

You will notice one thing that when you are feeling good these repetitive intrusive thoughts wont be more powerful!!

The more you try to fight with them they will come back and they would be more powerful!!!


And thing you repeat those conversation in mind ,

because there is specific reason and the reason is that,

you think or one part of your mind thinks that you wanted to say something that you havent told him or her!!

Its like something is buried and you just want it out!!

That is the real reason behind repeating conversation in mind ,

because in real life it did not go the way you wanted so our mind is trying to satisfy our need by having imaginary conversation!!

One solution is you can go to the person and tell him whatever you are telling him in your imaginary conversation , but that will feel sometimes crazy as that person would have already forgotten that issue!!(but still you can do that, doing that will make you calm!!doesnt matter if he thinks you are crazy!!but just limit your craziness)

And other thing just do something that makes you feel very good!!!


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