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Feeling a little anxious today,,,,,,,,,,

Cant help replaying the events of the nasty message on Sunday in my head............ trying really hard to get it out of my head............ but its there.............. and I feel sad that its come to this...........

Yes Im glad Ive found out what they are like........ but I feel sad............

Hope everyone else is ok??

Ker xx

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Hi anne

It can be hard when someone hurts our feelings with nasty words , I no , its like a tape keep playing round in our heads

When it starts , try singing out loud . or even shouting out loud , talking to yourself , saying I am not listening (careful not to get locked up though ) :-D

You are doing so well , don't let them drag you down

Its OK as well , to feel sad , 5 weeks or so , is still not a long time to get over someone , think for a while you get the odd down day again

Make the most of this sun if you can , hear it will be cold at the end of the week :-/





Thanks whywhy :-) xx


Hey glad I made you smile last night yeah but it's fine to be sad too. It's not easy dealing with a breakup. Have you tried writing your feelings down I find it really powerful and it clears my head? Or try some relaxation and imagine all the rubbish stuff going into a box and then seal it shut.... Imagine it drifting out to sea far away x I've been jogging this morning but I took another mum from school so she could remind me to stop! Sending big hugs xxxx


Thats a good idea,,,,, I think I may do the letter, just not post it...........



Hey you

Sorry you are feeling down, there are nice people around, sometimes we come across the nasty ones who hurt us , it does make you feel sad I don't deserve to be treated like that.

A big hug for you today..



Thanks Sue :-) xx


Thanks to you all for the nice messages, it really does help............

I guess I have to expect some sad days.............

I think it upset me more than I thought.................It is a nice day though so I will try and be positive and get another elastic band for my thoughts of mortisha!!

Hell Im gona be covered in elastic bands!! lol

Thanks guys..............xx


Dear Anne64,

I am sorry to read that you are having such a hard time.

lots of hugs,

Marcus xxx


thank you xx


sound like me, if someone say something to me i keep thinking about it and sulk and moan. it take me while to get it off my chest. most cases i get something new to moan so i forget the other one.


Hey you

You feel sad because you are a nice person, that has feelings. You haven't done anything wrong, but you because of who you are it still affects you. Shame they are not the same....................but this is about you. Course you are going to have bad days. You are human after all.

Much love. xx


Thanks Lou........

it really helps................I hope youre ok??



Well you know what I'm gonna say lol, that's right, don't let the bastards grind you down :-)

Stay strong mate xxx


:-) xx


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