Is this type of chest pain normal?

It happens usually every once in a while, but it's almost like somebody with really sharp nails is poking at my heart(best I can describe it.) It is pretty much always on the left side of my chest, and it usually gives me anxiety the worst cause it is very painful and uncomfortable, it can happen quite a bit when I try to exercise. Of course as always, it goes away eventually. I have had it I would say maybe 15-20 times before.

My usual chest pain is just a sore or ache.


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9 Replies

  • I get that pain right in my heart, feels like someone sticking a knife in. Doesn't last long and just goes. I get it on and off

  • I get it too. Have you seen a doctor?

  • Yes, have a 24 heart monitor on atm

  • And have you been experiencing the fear of having a heart attack because of that pain? Because I have that. I hope you'll turn out to be good.

  • Yes, it is frightening, I'll keep u posted

  • I'd really appreciate it. I really hope it's nothing to be afraid of.

  • Hi Light! Have you had a doctor check out your heart? It doesn't sound like a 'really serious' problem... but I always feel some better if the dr listens to my heart and tells me it sounds fine!

    I know that much of the muscle tension we go through while dealing with anxiety is centered about the chest muscles... When I am particularly anxious. I know I can feel it first in my chest...SO.... when I take the time to sit down, slow down, and do some deep breathing...until I can feel those muscles relax...than I'm better. I wonder if that might not help you when you are having one of those 'spells'... I know a person wants to 'fight against' those kind of things and tense up...but maybe if you just relax, FEEL IT, and keep relaxing, I wonder if it would stop hurting sooner...and help? Good luck!

  • Hey Betty, yes I have consulted with about 3 doctors who all said my heart was at a steady and fine beat. I will try the whole relax while it's happening.

  • Well, I'm glad you have checked in with the docs! But sometimes its good when you post something and hear something similar to what you are going through... and that always seems to help!! Have a good upcoming week! :)

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