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If links are allowed to post this is useful!!

Hi guys,

This link is really helpful just go through it, I am not sure this is allowed or not!!!

But if it is not allowed than I want admin to let me know I will remove it !!

But it is really usefu it says "Do not try to hard to relax!!!!"

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I just went through the link, and WOAH, it just blew my mind. Not that it surprised me, but it was something I already knew, just didn't know until now if it was useful. I just do the same thing when I am having an anxiety attack.

I am not sure if links were allowed, but if it is removed, Author please make sure you share it with everyone... It's perhaps is, one of the most useful article I have ever read.



That was a good read!


Awareness is power!!!!


The more we fight anything the more we are in the middle of it. Letting go is the solution and accepting ourselves is the secret. This is what my first comment was about. We are afraid of relaxing and letting go so we have to face our real fears to overcome anxiety.

Anxiety is a healthy sign we need to listen to… It means we need help because we are not in reality and we are not in our body.

Once you are back in your body, then all you have to do is plug into the field of gravity for solid, real safety and security. Learning the difference between fear and anxiety is essential. Pay attention to the energy, this tell you in loud screaming colors!

One Comment from article!!


Guys i would recommend that you go through the comments on the page they are really helpful!!!!


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