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This is the post where everything is ok for now!

Haven't really gotten any symptoms just yet for the whole day , even my nights gotten better I sleep more , heart burn haven't been a problem for me. my head doesn't feel like it's gonna drop, and my neck doesn't feel tight or like it's gonna pop. so as of right now all thumbs are up. I want it to stay that way .

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Lovely to hear that. It's the good days we must cherish. Had a bad one yesterday. Feel good today so going to do as much as possible. X might even put make up on lol.xx


I am having a bad one now! I don't want to say today because it is just starting. I feel fine but my thoughts are messing with me. I swear if I'm not having any drama my mind has to create drama. I woke up with a horrible thought, "your going to die today". I immediately start telling myself to quit, lol how stupid is that, only to have the thought continually push through off and on, and I have only been awake for a little over an hour!!! 😢

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Ahh bless you. X it's horrible had that yesterday. The mind can play horrible tricks to us. Pm if you want to talk. X


I know the feeling just think of something you like doing, and just do it , so that way you won't think of what's bothering you, or you won't let your thoughts take control of you.


This is your anxiety speaking about dying today, not your doctor, God or some clairvoyant so don't worry about it, just accept and go along with it.


Lol ok, go feel good about your self no harm in that


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