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Have You Visited The Spirit World ?

I know this seems like a very far fetched idea,

But try it & trust me you'll see some results, this is without any medication, I suggest if you'd like to take some melatonin pills which increase stimulation to help you sleep better,

Other than that, if you haven't tried it, you should look into "Lucid Dreaming" I'm big into spiritualism, consciousness and sub consciousness and realize how big of a part the sub conscious mind plays in Anxiety,

If you learn to lucid dream/ control your dreams you can try an advanced level of dreaming that I do where you can create yourself, I see it as Yin/Yang every person has masculine and feminine energies, so for me I created a female version of me, who was a Vampire "just because I felt I would be more connected, being it is a subconscious world I'm conscious in. "

Using this feminine energy, I was allowed to explore the deepest parts of my mind and talk to someone who lives there to help me find the roots of my problems & why I let them effect me in such a negative way, It's like talking to a psychiatrist that knows exactly every little detail about you.

It's a good way to realize that the negative thoughts are exactly what they are Just NEGATIVE THOUGHTS,

You have to crumble them up and mentally throw them away, the physical world reflects the dream world, We all have anxiety of feeling like we're going to die, and that we don't have control. But you have to realize that we do have a certain amount of control but no matter what happens death is inescapable.

Accept that, but don't think about it so much because you won't be focused on making a positive experience for yourself in the Physical world. Dreams are connected to something very deep within our spirits, even when having a nightmare, realize you are in control of that world 100% if a monster or demon is chasing you, snap your fingers and make him disappear, use these tactics and abilities to work with your sub conscious mind to help the Anxiety slowly dissipate so during an attack your sub conscious counter part will arise to tell you that it's all in your mind, like a waking nightmare.

If you need any tips or need me to explain anything feel free to shoot me a message, I found just recently this method helps ALOT.

- Tabuu

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Hope this helps a little


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