What are you passions?

In the heat of my anxiety, I had little peace. The things I had once loved to do, I was no longer doing. My anxiety had made me agoraphobic and I had no joy to express myself, I felt like a slave.

I know this had taken even more of a toll on me as I let anxiety and negative thinking write more and more of my story.

In my line of work, I love to discuss people's passions and watch them come alive. You can't live in a bad moment when you're discussing something you love.

My favorite things to do are, help others, workout, play drums and draw.

What are your passions?


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  • I play classical guitar and I also have a midi controller and fruity loops 12 installed on my desk top, have made some cracking tunes on there.

    I also do photography.

    And I have in the UK what is called an allotment, which is a piece of fertile land to grow your own whatever on, you rent it from the local authorities on a yearly basis.

    Think I've been to every kind of night school there is....lol.





    Stained glass


    I'm trained Chef too so I like to make nice food.

    Everyone should have a hobby.

    Oh yeah I'm also a bodybuilder.

  • That's fascinating! I too enjoy photography and German.

  • Well I didn't say I enjoyed German, lol, I just tried to learn the language :-)

  • lol that's funny but good point.

  • My passion is travel, this has become a little more difficult as I have developed symptoms of agoraphobia, it hasn't grounded me though.

    I've been to many places, including USA, Iceland, Malaysia, Spain, Greece, and lots of places in the uk.

    My symptoms seem to affect me a lot more in the area I live. I used to travel alone which is a little more difficult these days.

    I also love helping people , nothing like making someone smile , it feels so good.

    It's not a passion as such but I get some peace and tranquility from my anxiety watching a good series, at the moment its homeland...and the last one was Luther. I think idris Elba is fab ! maybe he's a passion ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I LOVE traveling. I used to go everywhere alone and loved it. Anxiety has taken that away for a bit, but I'm back to traveling. I haven't been out of the US, but there are places in Cambodia and western Russia that would be so cool to visit.

  • Yes understand about the travel thing, I too, used to travel a lot alone.

    There are some places I'd love to go, and one day intend to ๐Ÿ˜Š St Moritz was nice too ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Wow, it would have been cool to watch the Winter Olympics there.

  • Definitely


  • Hi Rockster, good job!! I'm on this for my daughter, which has the anxiety. I am 56 years old and I'm going to the gym with her which seems to calm her. She is a beautiful girl and has anxiety. :(. thank you!

  • Hi Emb, that's awesome for you to do that for your daughter. My parents were a big help to me during my anxiety and it helped a ton. Exercise improves so much in all areas of life. I've found running to be something I crave at the end of a long day.

  • I have seen a difference after a month at the gym. Yes, she gets upset for no reason and that's when I tell her "time to go to the gym". She also has a hormone issue that changes her mood but I just keep listen and being there for her. You know us parents will do anything for our children. Thank you for all your motivation and help you give everyone. Bless you!

  • Hi Rockster. I have encouraged my daughter to get back to her youtube channel. After her depression she has totally drop from making youtube videos, what she really likes. She told me today she will consider going back to her channel. Check her out on MZFIVETWOOH. Let me know what you think. :) Proud mother.

  • Hi Emb, I don't think she has the channel anymore but I see where people have mentioned her channel or past blogspot online. If it's something she enjoys, I definitely think she should get back to it! I'm starting up a channel on YouTube myself. It's fun!

  • Let us know when you do rockster...Want to see it

  • Definitely will do!

  • Good morning Rockstar. Yes, she did enjoyed it and I'm pushing her to make more because I can see her mind focused on her channel. Good luck with your channel. :O) Please give us your link. :)

  • Sorry I might have typed it wrong. It's MZFIVETWO00h. try it. :)

  • Will do, thank you!

  • You are just so awesome!! Love the way you help us all. :)

  • You're very nice. That's a two way street. This community has helped me a lot.

  • sorry it's MZFIVETWOOOH

  • Currently working on my degree in psychology . My passion is to use my pain to help others . I like to write and find when I'm in distress I write better . Oh and I love to travel , learn new things, and I'm into home decor.

  • I strongly considered switching majors to psychology when I developed anxiety disorder. God uses our biggest "flaws" as ways to help others and you're going to change people's lives and make an impact! Writing is so therapeutic too.

  • I pray to God that He uses my pain to help others . My anxiety has hindered me a lot because it's so debilitating but I will never give up ! I can't wait to graduate .

  • I love to eat, cook, photography, and makeup. Mostly eat. I'm a foodie... I can hardly do these things because of this devil called depersonalization/derealization. Horrific

  • I bet there are some awesome shots to be taken at some of your local restaurants. The depersonalizations were real bad for me too. You will get through them. I look up "how I beat ......" a lot when it came to certain symptoms and I found that to help a lot. What kind of lens is your favorite and what kind of shots do you like?

  • I shoot food for my food page on Ig and working on my food blog that's been on hold since I am in hell. I use my macro lense.

  • What's your handle on insta?

  • I love art and scrapbooking me and my husband's adventures when traveling and I love helping children with special needs...love pampering my dogs..

  • That's awesome, you're very grounded with family it seems and the memories you make. Also, making this world a better place for the disabled. โค๏ธ

  • I love writing . It gives my anxious self a voice . I feel like I can write my imagation down or voice my opinion on a topic & people care enough to read vs. me public speaking, which I hate lol. Also, I love to draw & im learning to paint. I love to cook as well, because of my love to create & food itself :) I love participating in Carnival in the islands & now in the US where I reside, "playing Mas" (as we say) participating in carnival bands & dressing up in the pretty costumes. Feeling like a goddess :) Hmm I love to style people too. I would say travel but my funds limit me , but I love exploring so I plan to visit more places other than the US again..like maybe go back to St. Thomas or Bahamas where my bf 's dad family is from . Anxiety also gets to me too. But I never forget my passions & once I get involved in them i don't let anxiety bother me.

  • You seem artistic and expressive, that's great. I'd love to go to the Bahama's! I have a friend going there to open a practice.

  • Motocross. I used to live and breath it until anxiety set in, now I'm to scared to do it incase I get hurt. I intend to get back into it but feel I won't be competitive because of the fear of getting hurt. It will be good for fitness though so atleast it will improve me in that area.

  • I'd love a motor cross bike. Bugger getting hurtโ™ฟ, it's worth it ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  • I used to ride, but only for a year. Sold my bike for a drum kit and never looked back! Lol though I do miss it. You'll find that freedom again. Guts over fear, you've got this!

  • Hi I love carpentry and smoking! I've quit smoking on the 1st of May! So that leaves me with carpentry (I'm not very good at it bit I enjoy it!). I can't bring myself to do anything at the moment because I'm panicking about trapped wind! (hard to explain!) but soon 8'll be back in the shed making a toy box hopefully ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Carpentry is therapeutic in itself. To look back and see the finished product provides a great feeling of accomplishment. Keep up with the no smoking! I've been smoke free for about... 6 years now.

  • Ah trapped wind or gas. I stopped smoking after 27 years and my stomach went huge like I was preggas. It's because enzymes are not produced when you smoke and when you stop they're over produced. This causes bloated grassy feeling, it does goes away after time. I didn't drink for 3 years and ate everything I could see. It was torture, but I'm still quit 6 years this June.

  • Thanks for your replies. Nice to know other people gone through this and come out the other side ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Well be prepared to give it your all because it is HARD !!. You are now having a fight with nicotine and habit. Who will win? You decide......!!!

  • Thanks davewavy1. I'm going to give it my all. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

  • You can do it !! I did.

  • mine are rainbow loom and DC Universe Online on Xbox one

  • Very optimistic post, indeed. Well done!

  • My pets keep me going esp the dogs. How do you cope with the agoraphobia? I can go out if someone goes with me....

  • Do what scares you the most but get really excited about it! Try to force yourself to be happy about it. I started acting like I won a million bucks everywhere I went. I'm feeling great

  • How do you act excited when your consumed with fear? My body turns to jelly and i cant even operate it???????

  • That's a battle of the mind. It's hard but you can do it

  • I love traveling, but I realized that my anxiety greatly increases when I'm away from my family for completely illogical reasons. Go figure haha. I also love working out, but I had several panic attacks while doing so, and it's been really hard for me to get back into it. I love yoga, and I am very passionate about rescuing animals!

  • You seem like a really good person

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