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join me in my balloon

I have had the roughest week I have had for a long while. I spent Thursday (which was also my non birthday) in bed as I just couldn't face anyone. Monday my daughter managed to reduce me to tears, a mixture of my anxieties and her behaviour I really didn't feel like I could cope, mind seeing the enemy and his new gf slag me off on facebook really didn't help matters. In fact Friday was my only good day this week.

last night however I had the most amazing dream. I am a great believer in dreams and what they mean and in my dream I was in a hot air balloon. as I was being carried high above the earth I was sat in the basket looking up and the most beautiful blue sky as I floated by the white cloud and felt really content :). In my dream I was in complete control of the balloon and I could make the balloon go as high or as low as I wanted.

Today I woke up had a bath and done all my housework, I have a sudden burst of energy and I feel really positive.

I kind of know what my dream means to me, rising above the negativity in my life and having control. but when I read online the first line that mr google came up with :

To see or dream that you are in a hot air balloon suggests that it is time to overcome your depression.

this has put me in an even better place :)

so I invite you all to join me in my hot air balloon we can float around high above all the negativity and see just how beautiful our world is xxxx

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That's really nice and lovely to hear the way you feel :)

Sue x


Thankyou :-) xx


Sorry the start of your week didn't go so well

Facebook , block them so you cant see what they put , I am one of those that think "what I cant see wont hurt me " if you no what I am saying

Great ending to the blog , love your balloon dream , & how lovely to invite us all in & wonderfully put "to see how beautiful the world is "





Lol whywhy im a great believer in "what they put on fb can be used against them in a divorce court" she admitted having an affair with him five years ago which unfortunately for him i have coppies of :-).

Hope you will join me in my balloon and ive decided im going to go on a balloon ride for real xx


facebook is the work of the devil!! lol

When I first started to read your blog I felt sad cos you have been doing so well.......... then my spirit lifted by the end of the read.........

So well done you!!

It was so lovely to read, and I for one with definately join you!!

Ive had a few set backs, gone in the wrong direction but I will not give up till I get on the path that I want and the path that feels right!!

Good luck to you luv


Dont let them idiots (ex and gf) get to you.... you are well rid and Im sure you feel she is welcome to him!!



I am up and down like a yoyo atm im hoping my dream is a turning point and i start to level out so to speak. Ive had a great day today, spent time with my mum and my sisters been very stress free and at work tonight. And yes they are very much welcom to each other, hell i'll toast at THEIR wedding if it means he leaves me alone :-)

See you in my balloon :-) xxx


yep im definatly aboard xx


Fabulous.... see you there :-) x


Can you take some photos when you are up there as I'm scared of heights. I went in a balloon once. I hit the deck and didn't see anything. Never again but I'll enjoy the photos xxx


I'll take hundreds just for you xxxx


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