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Scary dream

Had a real scary dream last night about being told I have cancer,it is the second time that I have had this dream.

I am real freaked out today and fighting to keep my panic under control.Has anyone any idea what these dreams can mean.Just been for a health MOT, blood pressure through the roof so as usual I am now worried over that.

Will things ever improve,I hope so.

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Morning Bonnybaby.

Dreams are just that!!! your anxiety is playing with your mind the more you think about it the more you worry. I know it's hard but you have to forget them, you know your BP will soar when you are anxious and you end up in a vicious circle. It would help if you could find some relaxation techniques that you can do speak to your GP although they can't give you anything to stop you dreaming. I hope you calm down soon.

take care Kenny


Thanks Kenny, for taking the time to reply,it means a lot.



I agree with Kenny,s comment that dreams are common to do that to our mind, i had a few really scary dreams during my pregnancy last year it would honestly lead me to believe me and the baby would be seriously sick and would wake up with cold sweats at times.

My thoughts are things will definitely improve but its definitely good to see your G.P about your high blood pressure as it can quickly spiral out of control.



Hey Bonnie:)

As Kenny says Dreams are dreams let them go by, don't give them the time of day.

There is a very good website that I've suggested a few times on here; Headspace .

Give it a go, it might just help. Hope you have a good day. Xx



We usually have these dreams when things have been playing on our minds & sounds like health is playing on yours with the MOT you have just had & it can come out in these scarey dreams but as already said they don't mean anything , but really upsetting for us when we have one !

Oh your blood pressure been high try not to worry

Sometimes & I think they call it the white coat syndrome which is as soon as we see a doctor or nurse about to take our blood pressure it goes through the roof !

Mine always does & she has to take it once , then talk to me & take it again & it usually the goes down on the second one , have they tried that with you ?

I do take BP meds though as well which I have a med fear yet I can even take them & they keep my BP in check

Have a lovely day ;-)





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