Only Sometimes?

I'm new and so is my inability to sleep.

Most of the time for most of my life I've been pretty alright but in the last few months I guess the way to explain it is I'm not "cool" anymore. I can't have smooth effortless conversation with strangers, I sweat so much from my hands I can barely pay the poor cashier and I've been extremely scared recently. It's been more extreme in the last month, some nights I can't sleep because I'm terrified even though there's nothing there to scare me. Most days are fine but when it's there I'm so uneasy it's ridiculous.


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  • Its all in your head right now.

    Please start some guided meditation.

    You are going to be ok.

    You are ok.

    You are a perfect human being!

    Meditate and practice deep breathing when u are feeling scared.

    IMO,THERAPY WOULD HELP YOU starting Monday. PLEASE see a therapist.

    Much Love,


  • Yes just learn to relax

  • Anxiety keeps me up all night too, you are not alone. I'm scared to fall asleep for some reason.. even when I am physically exhausted to the point where my eyes are closing, I stiill fight sleep as hard as I can. Some things that help me cope with my anxiety is to light a candle, paint or draw pictures, write a journal, listen to calming music. I remind myself that I have felt this way before and got through it. Tell yourself that you are safe. It sucks losing sleep over anxiety but I hope that knowing you are not alone helps you feel better <3

  • Asking victims of anxiety to suck it up and meditate is becoming redundant.

    What other medical condition would ask us to follow this advice?

    Research into condition is my goal since I am convinced that it is not all in my head.

  • Couldn't agree more. I can't stand when people tell me "just think positive" or "it's all in your head!". I have been doing research like crazy and the biggest thing I have come across is the link between gut health and depression and anxiety.

  • I sooooooo know how you feel. The advise above is very good. Most the time I can control the anxiety. When I lose control the exhaustion of anxiety and lack of sleep push me into depression. Unfortunately there is no magic wand for anxiety. I've fought it for 30 years. It is extremely important to see a professional who can guide you through all the things you can do to help yourself. If I stay strict on diet, exercise, meditation, no alcohol or caffeine...tea. coffee, chocolate, sodas, energy drinks, to much sugar.... I will throw myself in to the cycle of insomnia and panic attacks. In extreme times I will take medication. Anxiety is one of those diagnosis were we have to take on the responsibility to care for ourselves. Avoid triggers as you can. Some you can force yourself to do, this helps. Somethings like family, adult children, financial issues cannot be avoided. With knowledge you can prepare yourself and most of the time you'll make it through. Hang in there kid. You'll make it with hard self care!

  • Does the medication you take help? I am debating taking medication.

  • @Marie_danielle Yes it does. When things are tough I will take 1mg of lorazepam twice daily. here in the state's most primary care docs won't prescribe anti-anxiety medication. I have a psychiatrist who does that. But I see a psychologist as needed. I'm fortunate to have had the same one for thirty years! just my opinion, I like psychologists much better than psychiatrists. I've had one psychiatrist I really loved. the others have been a bit freaky. I don't mean to offend anyone.😕 In answer to your question...yes the medication works well!☺ (my first name is Jarie...combo of Marie and Jeanne!)

  • 91342 Ditto. If I've heard it once I've heard it to many times "it's all in your head. You need to just deal with it" etc. etc. I've diagnosis of Severe Anxiety and Panic Disorder and CPTSD. It isn't something that just turns off. We all have different degrees of anxiety!

  • I have been an insomniac for the whole of my adult life and I can say that it is one of the most unpleasant aspects of that particular time frame I have had to go through. I am cognizant of the fact that most insomniacs tend to overestimate the sleepless hours reporting that they slept in any given night one to two hours when they have slept significantly more than that, yet it is a horrible thing. All of this councelling (how on earth can you write down what time you went up to bed, how long you slept and what difference does that make anyhow?) and mindfulness is of no use to me as an individual and therefore I would gladly take any medication the doctor could possibly throw my way. I have taken every benzodiazepine there is available and I am well aware of the symptoms of with withdrawl from those kinds of drugs but that does not sway my way of coping with my insomnia. I also realise that thinking about insomnia makes the problem worse yet, as I said, to me the problem (it is a problem) is so appallingly difficult to solve I give in at the drop of a hat. At the moment my GP has me on a fortnightly dose of diazepam (30mg) and then nitrazepam (ten mg) and although this is not the ideal I have to go through this to me is the only way to get through the night. Have you alerted your GP of your problem?

  • I'm very sorry that you have such a hard time sleeping. My biggest issue with the sleeping is I'm terrified of the dark sometimes and I have a hard time sleeping with the lights on but I'm too scared to keep them off. I haven't told my doctor because I'm not ready to make it that real. I guess I'm still trying to deny that anything is actually wrong and so I'e been avoiding making it so real but I guess this site is somewhat of a first step.

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