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Insomnia Again

Sorry guys, it's me again. I lay in bed last night, with a pressure on my chest, which kept me awake all night.

Maybe I got 1 hour sleep.

Never again will I booze on a friday to the extent I did for my birthday,

I've doubled my Fluox to 40 mg since monday and just been for a 2 hour walk, and i am starting to feel slightly better,

it's rough driving 200 miles , for a sales meeting , when you get 1 hours sleep Muhaha !

I made a decision now, no matter how bad anxiety gets , i would rather go to work on no sleep etc, and fall over and die, than give up !

Anyway Maggie Thatcher lived on 4 hours sleep every night?!

Someone reassure me that I will be ok?

I've had a good 5 years since a minor breakdown due to not taking my meds for 6 months,

We have a baby , our 1st coming on 4th July!

Work is tough, recession is affecting biz,

i think i need to watch my alcohol intake , it's floored me this week,

be nice and tell me that if i have just had 5 years of goodness, i won't relapse! !

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You have just had 5 good years of goodness & you wont relapse :-D

seriously , you seem to have just gone of track a little

You seem to no what you have been doing wrong & what you need to do , so I am sure if you do what you no has worked for you , things will be fine

Keep coming on here & venting how you feel , it helps

And I strongly suggest keeping of the Booze , it wont solve anything , it really does make you feel worse after ;-)





Believe me I do understand to a certain extent.I hate the nights.

I go to bed about 10.30pm to 11.00pm but after about two hours sleep I awake in a cold sweat with chest pains and nausea.Then that is me for the rest of the night.I know it is not a real consolation but you are doing well to have a job.My anxiety and loss of sleep eventually cost me my job and obviously things have got worse.

I wish you the best of luck but must agree with the previous person BOOZE is not the answer it is just a recipe for disaster.I lost my best friend to multiple organ failure due to excess alcohol consumption and he was only . 42 Look after yourself and take care.


thx guys i went for a 90 minute country walk in the sun last night and took 40 mg of Fluox.

I think something kicked in, as i suddenly felt the chest pains ease off, and had a good nights sleep.

sorry to hear you lost your job , how do you survive ?


So glad you got a decent nights sleep - it makes all the difference doesn't it?

And when you've got a pregnant partner, the last thing you want to do is make a fuss which just makes you more anxious!!! Its such a roundabout. I used to love going to bed early, 9pm most nights and sleep until 6.30 when my alarm woke me up, when I'm in this place though the worst time of day is 6pm onwards knowing that you'll have to spend time with your partner and children and try not to explode with anxiousness before going to bed and lying there again. Oh for the days of 9 hours sleep.


The SSRI's I take seem to help me through , just about, but without the meds I would be dead now.

In a moment of insanity 5 years ago , I plotted a place on the map to leave my car and walk under a train , lol.


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