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feeling that I can't breathe

My acid reflux problem is causing me many issues. I went to see the gastoenterologist yesterday and I was instructed to take nexium 24 hour for 8 weeks until I go see him again. I just woke up with a feeling that I csnt take a deep breath. I know that our bodies tske shallow breaths at rest, but for some reason I always worry about this symptom. Like why is it waking me up and its uncomfortable. I think I need to beming my weight back down to 150-55 range. Right now I'm in the 165-70 range. I didn't workout all of last week and I piggies out during the weekend. Acid reflux can really make one feel miserable.

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I am suffering from acid reflux at the moment I get it on & of & at one time I was on 2 medications for it but have now managed to drop them of

When you have been laid down all night it sort of settles and feels worse when you wake up but give that medication chance to work it can take a few weeks sometimes

Also as well as anxiety I believe causing this problem see if you can spot if certain foods or drinks make it worse , over the years I have worked out which foods & drinks really irritate it & I try & stay away from them

Hope it settles soon & I know easier said than done but remember the more you worry the longer it will take your stomach to settle x

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I started drinking aloe vera juice yesterday and taking citrucel. For some weird reason I am gaining weight. I have not been overeating. Can acid reflux cause one to retain a lot of water weight? Im 10 - 15 pounds heavier than normal.



When you have acid problems it can make you bloated not sure if you gain weight but nothing is impossible ...Juices are good but make sure they are not citrus as that can give acid indigestion ...if you think you are retaining water though mention it to your Doctor x


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