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I am new to this forum and have a few questions. I have not been fully diagnosed with anxiety but have had bouts of anxiety attacks while in the store and at home. They make you feel like you are dying. The most recent is that since June 12th my husband has been incarcerated and i have been having trouble sleeping at night, keep waking up, sometimes i would be sitting at home get all sweaty and then feel like i am going to pass out for no reason and once i lay down and go to sleep for a little i feel better. Is this an anxiety attack or something different. I am always tired, do not want to do anything and it sucks because i have a 11 year old daughter. I have had lots of tests done and everything came back normal except i was just told that i have reactive airway disease ( asthma) and also have been recently put on meds for fibro called savella which one of the side effects of this is anxiety. I have not started taking them yet because i am finishing up other meds. I also have constant chest discomfort which i was told was from the fibro.

Please can anyone help and what meds would be good for the anxiety. My husband takes prozac and xnaex for it.

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Hello.the best thing for you is to talk with your doc or psychater.

Be positive and strong for your family.

Eat well.drink alot .sleep well.

Good luck


I am going to see the doctor on weds and am going to mention something to him and see what he thinks


he dos cop vear well


good he happy go lucking guy


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