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Hello anxiety? (Or whatever this is)

Google lead me to this site, but the descriptions I'm reading here are the same as mine. It came on quite recently and I'm really struggling with it although I try not to show it as I think some people think I was initially overreacting to the whole thing. It started as a bad headache which lead to a few rapid heart rate episodes through which I though my time was up. After many test, including ultrasound on my heart, mri of the brain (because one doctor was convinced I was having a stroke) and numerous blood tests, I was told I'm ok and suffering from anxiety. Now I'm going to cognitive therapy but the half hour sessions just don't do it for me. I feel as if my therapist is just clock watching.

My symptoms are : clouded head, struggling to think straight, slightly off balance (I notice this more when I'm on a treadmill), achy eyes that don't want to sleep properly, rapid heart rate (not as bad as they have been), feeling my pulse in the top of my head, extremely irritable, can't relax or chill out, and psoriasis (which may be related to the stress side of things). Now I'm not normally a worrier. I have the same worries as most other people, some financial, some work related, so I have no idea what brought this on and although the doctors and nurses have a all tried their best to reassure me that I'll live to be an old man, I cant help thinking they've missed something. So does anyone have any new advice? How can I help myself get through this and get back to semi normal life? I keep telling myself it's all in my head and I'm right, but I worry that these symptoms I'm feeling are actually doing damage. Sorry for rambling on. Hello, by the way!

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we all have a lot of the symptoms that you just mentioned, we're all here for you also if you ever need anyone to talk to . !

I mainly get chest pains sometime, twitches, overly panicking thoughts, sometimes headaches, or just in general feeling scared for no apparent reason or being able to calm down even when there's no present or form of any type of danger,

I wish I could just make it go away !

But there has to be something or some way to suppress the over anxious mind

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Hey private message me! I have great advice for you!! 😊


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