Hi all,

I'm just interested to here from people who only take benzos as medication not ssri's. How are you taking your benzo medications a few times daily? At what doses? And are they helping in what way do they help? Do they help instantly or do you need to take them for a few days/weeks before you feel good again? and any other info you would like to add.

Thank you :)


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  • I take ativan. I usually only take it a few hours before bed since it helps me get restful sleep. Tried paxil in the past, but it just upset my stomach. Ativan is not something to take every single day because it can be habit forming, but it does help for situations where I know I may get anxiety, such as the store, or any situation that will likely trigger anxiety attacks. Also, it is fast acting. Works within 15 to 20min.

  • Thank you :)

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