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You may think this is a made up work but it isn’t I got diagnosed with costochondritis a few months ago by my GP and got told there is no help for me as it’s is an inflammation on my cartilage in my chest, they have told me to take ibuprofen but I’m getting to the point now where I can’t sleep, physical things are becoming a task and even just general walking is causing issues as costochondritis makes my chest tight. I was just wondering if anyone on here knows of any treatmens Or diagnosed with it that could help me if you know of anything that can help me, I’m only 21 and want to keep fit and healthy to see the world

Thank you

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All you can do is take it easy. You can use rubbing alcohol with witch hazle. costochondritis isn't life threatening and heals on it's own in time within 2 -3 weeks depending on severity. And take pain medication if it's unbearable.

I’ve suffered with costochondritis since June 2018 I’ve had ECG,X-Ray and 2 blood tests. I’ve been taking ibuprofen every now and then when I can’t handle the pain anymore but I don’t like taking tablets unless I really have too

Are you exercising or doing anything strenuous? That's a very long time. Anxiety can cause cramps and pressure in the chest.

I’m very outgoing always doing things and my job is repetitive

I would look into any natural foods or herbs that could help with decreasing inflammatory responses.

Getting into the health industry there’s many things out there to help make diagnoses like costochondritis easier to deal with.

Keep your head up I know it probably gets to you time to time but everything will be okay

Never thought of that I will have a look into it

Thank you

Oh I totally had that. Super painful. It sucked to because I like to lift. I recommend that you just let it heal. Icing it actually helps too.

Is your sternum really sore to the touch? I was actually in the ER a couple of months ago do to chest tightness, chest and shoulder pain, when they rubbed my sternum I could have cried! They told me I was inflammed. And gave me ibuprofen... but then I had a scope done and I’m inflamed from my throat to my small instestine so I can’t take ibprofen for 2 months. I’m pretty sure the ibprofen and the anxiety caused it... I just can’t win. lol

I woke up with sever chest pain one morning and rushed myself to urgent care. They pushed on it and my chest and sternum were so sore.

My very first time I had the pain was when I was asleep I felt breathless, cold sweats and nausea It felt like a someone is pushing on my chest and back almost like there trying I meet, it was that pain full I cried.

I watched a couple of videos on youtube, exercise techniques to help relieve the pain. Its different for everyone, but the pain i was having almost cleared up overnight. I held my arms up above my shoulders and against a wall at an angle... sorry for the poor description, best if you look up the videos. Hope you find some pain relief soon!

I get no pain it my throat, that sounds so painful. I don’t like taking tablets unless I really have to as I know that taking ibuprofen to often can stop them from working.

I have the same problem and I've had it for 3 years. I've stopped wearing a bra as that added pressure. I wear a sloggie crop top. I had acute gastroenteritis 3 years ago and this followed it.

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