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my life is hell

Hi my name TALAL and I'm from KUWAIT

and I'm 30 years old male

I've been looking online for an answer for what i feel for the past 10 days i found this website and started reading all the things you guys are posting it's really similar to what I have...

10 days ago it was the first time in my life i got this feeling i got out the shower and went to bed and when i was almost falling asleep i got his weird feeling i felt like my brain and my hurt are shutting down or you can say i was about to pass out i straight woke my my self up my heart was beating really fast and i got numbness in the back of my head and my neck, i didn't pay attention to it the first time it happened so i went back to sleep and i was fine i went to work in the morning and then when i got home i was kinda tired so i though let me take a nap for 30 minutes and it happened again the same way it happened the first day, i got up and i was thinking probably it's because I'm tired and it happened again at night i was really pissed off it's making mad more than scared and it coming back to me every night for the past 10 days and then this what made think there's seriously something wrong with me 3 days ago i went to sleep and this thing happened again, feeling I'm about to pass out but this time my heart was beating really fast all of my muscles feel like they're falling apart or you can say it was hard for me to move every limp of my body the it supposed to, then my mouth git really dry i can't eveb swallow anything because of my mouth felt like it's made off really dry rubber i can't see clearly with my eyes it felt like hell called my brother he came with my dad and they took me to the hospital and made some blood tests for me sorry I'm not familiar with the medical terms/names because English is my second language anyway they took blood tests CBC / X-RAY FOR THE CHEST / HEART READING MONITOR / DIABETES TEST / BLOOD PRESSURE / temperature...etc

then the doctor came to my with a big smile on his face telling me that I'm freaking out too much and it's just anxiety and there's nothing to be afraid of just relax forget about and just go to sleep i got really mad and i left the hospital after they gave a shot to make relax went home to sleep only to wake up to live another day with the same symptoms and more the left side of my chest started to feel uncomfortable the back of my neck and head gets more numb...

and yesterday some parts of my body they fall asleep while I'm trying to go to sleep and I've going to the hospital for the past 3 days to get more tests and everything with everything in the results normal and healthy today i went again to the hospital to get to appointment with the 2 doctors on Thursday one to cheach for my theories and the other for head and nerves. ..

and as you can tell right know it's 5.21 am in KUWAIT and i was trying to get some sleep and it jyst happened again it's been 10 day's and i haven't got any sleep for the past 3days and today is the 4th 6 hours of sleepin the last 3 days wish me luck...

i will update you guys of my situation after i go for my appointments on Thursday june24th then I'll update you guys

thanks for listening/reading

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It sounds like anxiety, i hope you are ok soon. let us know how it goes.



thanks i will post on Thursday after my appointments with the doctors. .

but it's been a long 3 days for me with no sleep


This definitely sound like panic attacks. Please update us after your appointment.


update for my appointments

so today i went to the neurologist and i explained everything happened the doctor setup appointments in tye next 12 days for an MRI for my and they're also attaching for me a device to my chest it supposed to be a heart monitor or something like this i have to keep it on for 48 hours and he told to do what do i think that starts all the things that could cause whatever happened to me before include sleeping on my left side and on the back of my head..

and he also said no one can determine if it's anxiety unless they make sure everything is ok with heart and the brain. .

i will keep you up to date when i do the all the tests


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