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Is it anxiety?

I feel almost every day that I am going crazy. I have head pressure in the back of my head, neck, back and legs. I get tingling in the back of my hands and in my feet. I find I hold my breath. My jaw is sore. I feel like I am going to faint when I laugh and get short of breath when I talk too much. I see "stars" every so often. I am ALWAYS tired. I have no ambition and have to force myself to go to work or do household tasks. I get panicked when I eat something and something gets caught in my teeth or gets near the back of my mouth. I panic when my rings or clothes feel "too tight". Certain times of the day, every day, are the worst for me which is between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. I feel at times that I cannot control my hands to type or hold something or to even try and put on make-up. I get panicked at the thought of driving but when I have to do it I do but it does not go well. I have been experiencing this for the past 4 years ever since the docs put me on Adivan for a heart condition which it turned out that the condition was physical and not mental. Now I have been taking Clonazepam for the past 3 years to help but it seems the Clones are not helping. Nightime is the best time for me as I feel more relaxed and at ease. The mornings are the worst. The second I get up I am constantly worrying about what I think my body is trying to tell me. I have been through many tests since my heart surgery and everything is good. But since my surgery that is when this all started. I used to be made of steel and nothing bothered me. Now I have been through ending a relationship after 13+ years, heart surgery, 20+ deaths of friends and family, losing my home of 10 years, losing my business of 8 years, so many changes at work that I cannot even count anymore, moving 3 times in 1 year, seeing co-workers of 11 years being let go, and then being the "strong" one to support and love family and friends. Does anyone else feel this way and if so what have you personally done to get "better"?

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It definitely sounds like anxiety.. have you tried going to a therapist? You have had a lot of tragic things happen to you.. I hope you feel better soon


I am so sorry that you have recently gone through so much pain ! Just take a moment and breath. You are such a strong person to have had to endure those obstacles. But look your still here your still standing. I think it would be a good thing for you to find a good therapist that you can talk with. I find myself doing the same as you when I get up. I worry everything can be completely fine but my brain doesn't think so haha. One peice of advice. It sounds like your very overwhelmed. I get like that too. Maybe just try and take a day for yourself if possible and just try to relax. Do something that you enjoy. Take a step back from everything you've been feeling and just know you are ok. And that if you can make it though all of those obstacles in the past then you WILL GET THROUGH THIS. I hope you feel better ! Hugs ! 😄


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