Anxiety Support

I'm new here and I need help

Hello. I have a problem.with anxiety and the actual attacks seem to only happen when I am driving a car. It started over 20 years ago when I was on my way home from work and I had my 1st full blown attack. I went to.counseling and it was actually easier to.just quit driving. I started driving again but I am terrified and will not drive on the highway at all. I will leave home 2 hours early for an appointment and stay late for.hours just to avoid traffic. Outside of driving, I just feel unfocused all the time. I have had every medical test possible and I am healthy. I recently said I was going to take control and stop depending on everyone else to take me.where I have to go. I have had trouble holding a job because of this problem and I am determined to find a good paying job and hold it like.a normal.person, but at this point I am working a minimal paying job with no benefits because it is 7 minutes.from my house and I still have issues going. I talk to myself and I have even gone as far as singing jingle bells out loud in the middle of the summer while driving to avoid thinking about!! My life I am 55 years old and I'm so afraid I will die like this.


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