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Getting really scared now

I've been dealing with an health issue and my anxiety is through the roof now. Ive been getting weird translucent strands in my eyesight like I can see large thick veins through my eyes they started off as slight disturbances and now cover the majority of my sight,I also have the feeling of pressure in my head with daily nausea and lack of appetite

Iv repeatedly been to the doctors with this and because I e been seen by an ophamologist and they say my eyes are are ok nothing more is getting done

Recent bloods have shown and up and down thyroid, low vitamin D and b12 and also some enlarged lymph nodes in my neck which have been scanned by mri

I've repeatedly expressed my concerns about cancer to my doctors but they just dismiss the fact

I believe after a year of poor and declining health together with weight loss and various other alarming symptoms that I am actually dying

I'm so scared

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I can imagine while you must feel scared & your anxiety is going through the roof & from what you have posted they in my opinion should be doing more to help or reassure you some Doctors can be very dismissive

Are they treating you for your thyroid & low vitamin levels , I would hope they are

If I were you I would ask for a second opinion , not that I think there is anything to be alarmed about but sometimes it can be what we need to either get to the bottom of things or reassure us & we are entitled to ask & get that second opinion & when you may be feeling apprehensive maybe about requesting this just tell yourself it is you that feels you are suffering while the Doctors are getting on with their life's & why should you ?

You could start by maybe seeing another GP in your own surgery without having to go any further than that , tell them exactly how you feel , what this is causing you & what you feel you want doing to help resolve it

I really hope you get this sorted , stay strong :-) x


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