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Hey guys im a new member and this is my first post I just wanted to talk over and get some kind of peace of mind I guess with what's going on. Basically im feeling quite funny in myself like im not me anymore when I was 18 I was diagnosed with general anxiety and after counselling and programmes I managed to cope with it until I eventually forgot I had it (which was great) but 4 years later I believe it has come back due to work stress but in a slightly different form. I started feeling tired all day at work which went on for a good 2 months, I couldn't concentrate, focus and had what I can only explain as brain fog. I have had blood tests to rule out overactive/underactive thyroid as well as my vitamins seem to be on a normal count, someone I know personally has said that he feels the same way and that it's a coping mechanism but im only 22 and want to live my life to the fullest and not miss out on any opportunities, has anyone else experienced this and do you just learn to live with it or does it eventually go?


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  • Does the doctor requesting these tests know about your previous diagnosis? Some don't read past notes or they get overlooked etc so make sure you mention it if you can? Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  • yeah the doctors have read up on my medical history as I changed doctors a year ago, the doctor was the one who said that it is caused by anxiety but I didn't have these symptoms the first time I suffered.

  • I'm sorry if I was intruding I just feel sometimes doctors can be dismissive. I'm also sorry you are suffering as you are. Anxiety is awful and comes in so many different forms, just because it is one way one time doesn't mean it is any less crippling the next. I hope you can get the support or referral you need to get your treatment on track. Take care. Here if you need to talk.

  • @lostinmyself it's fine I understand with people and doctors. don't worry I have been nagging them as I myself feel the same way. the first time I had anxiety it was a lot worse, I wasn't leaving my house, I wasn't sleeping or eating right but this time around it doesn't seem as strong it's just I notice it when im out with friends, I try to ignore it but it doesn't always work.

  • Same here. Well here's hoping we both find a way that works soon. Take care.

  • you take care too :)

  • Hi I hope you are well , I'm 26 and been suffering for years , apparently it's common for young females to experience anxiety in their 20s so your anxiety reappearing may just be that. Has anything happend significant ? Stressful ? Relationships ? Unfortunately I don't think it ever fully goes away , life management is key I learnt that when I changed my unhealthy relationship . Try therapy again and try and see what has you stressed . Good luck xxxxx

  • I read that anxiety is more common in females than males (im a male myself) I don't think anything significant has happened but I was under a lot of pressure and stress at work it got that bad that I was only managing to get a few hours sleep a night which carried on for about 2 months so maybe this is what's triggered it to come back. since leaving the job I have noticed I've been feeling a lot better but I still have some symptoms, im just curious is all as I have symptoms but don't feel anxious much at all. I am on citalopram 10mg which I've been on for about a month now and i'm also going through CBT.

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