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Please help I couldn't breath and now I just want go hospital

I cudnt breath and am scared I went out for a drink las night and I am rough abit also I after my mum passed away I got heavy on drugs and have used it recreationally so it's allways in my mind oh it's the drugs that's killing me am going to die I never believe it's anxiety my girlfriend said just think of the last time you felt just like this but always say no it's diffrent and I get shakes can't stop fidgeting and get hot and it doesn't feel like am breathing. Also an constant feeling for my pulse I have really bad anxiety I always think it's not fair I wana be normal I'm not a bad person and I hate the symptoms I get just doesn't feel normal but they just tell u your fine ther just anxiety symptoms please tell u get this please tell me your symptoms and how u feel then I'll no am not alone

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