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So scared. Please help

So lately I've been feeling so scared. I've noticed that I feel like I can't talk clear or more like I can't thing of the right words. I feel like I'm losing my memory and sometimes things don't look or seem familiar when they should. Do any of you get those feelings? I'm so scared of going crazy......or forgetting my kids or things that are important. Like Alzheimer's or dementia. 😥. Please tell me if you've ever felt like this!?

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Yes I get this also, your not going crazy but honestly. The brain is a very complex thing!! Its linked to anxiety and over thinking things. Get into mindfulness, ask yourself whats important today to think about and deal with. Your brain is probably overloaded with things and then the fear creates this forgetfulness. Its needing a rest - try mindfulness on you tube.

Joyce meyer is awesome too. Be good to yourself today and your not going crazy. Things will get better. Honestly it will get better x x



I often get like this , I forget who I am talking to & will say several different names till I get the right one & sometimes I don't even get the right one but just laugh & say you know who I mean :-D

I think when we have an anxious mind it can work overtime & it is so busy & overloaded at times we want thoughts & words to come quicker than the mind can process them

The more you worry though which I know is so easy to do but you will make this worse , try & laugh it of & the less fear you give it then it will improve

If of course you are really concerned next time you go to the Doctors you could mention it but I think other than as we all get forgetful more symptoms would be needed for it to be your worse fear

You are not alone though with this happening which I hope reassures you a little bit x


You're not alone. I had trouble holding a conversation with my friend the other day lol. I finally had to tell her I've been so anxious lately I haven't had a real human conversation and we laughed and things got better. You're not crazy I promise! Anxiety just affects so much more than we think. But you'll be ok, I promise.


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