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Please help I'm so scared it's getting me down


My eyes and vision please help I keep seeing dots prolly everyday when I'm at work and look outside there dots everywhere and sometime I see a blue blodge and it scares me I'm constantly worried about my eyes now and obv that leads to my worry about my brain then my doc says my eyes are healthy tho so what's going on

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Hello John

Sorry you are still having this problem , I answered your similar post from a few days ago but as you did not acknowledge my reply I am not sure if you read it or maybe the reply was not useful

I cannot add more than I did last time but just to let you know I had read your post x


You need to get your eyes checked.

Personally it sounds like the tears, the condition is called floaters or sometimes it can be caused by the tear ducts. Sometimes your lashes can cause problems as well.

I get blearitis and iritis caused by psoriasis. I generally can get eye drops. With me it generally happens in strong sunlight.


Some people get migraines that just affect their vision and don't lead to a headache - doesn't make them any less debilitating. My visual disturbances include patches of colour - generally yellow for me but can be blue or green as well. I also get 'snow' - lots of little dancing lights which make focusing really difficult - I have a friend who gets zig-zag lines.

floaters, they are annoying, i have a bad one in my right eye looks like a dangling spider. Sometimes they go away, sometimes they dont. If you got an ok from an otphomologist your ok, its just debris in lens. Make sure its from him, a PCP really can only see superficially.

Sounds like floaters.

I'm very short sighted and people like me get tons.

If I look out a bright window I have blots and swirls and squiggles zipping around all over my vision.

If you've had your eyes checked then don't worry.

See another eye specialist. Try not to worry; there is an explanation.

Hi john, read your post as I try to calm myself about the vision problems I'm suffering with, I've had anexity for 15 years worry about my health obsessively, due to traumatic birth of my daughter, your symptoms sound compleatly normal and I'm surprised your optition and gp Havnt explained more, floaters are normal in healthy eyes, they are little casts of blood cells within the eye, the dots and squiggles u get when looking outside I assume u mean the sky are also very normal it's call blue field phnominon( excuse the spelling) these too are blood cells swimming around if everybody concentrated they could see them but they dnt but people like us that are hyper aware of our bodies notice them more, it's actually a sign of good eye health and good blood flow, I have floaters daily and when looking at bright blue sky or a plain white wall I have the dots and squiggles as for the blue blodge I dnt no but I get white lights like a camra flash in my vision, happend 14 months ago out of the blue and has really scared me, a lot of doctors have said it's a type of migraine, if a optition and gp have said you are fine then I'd believe them and try to ignore your symptoms very hard to do so but I hope my explanations go to help ease your worries a little

Take care

Thanks very much I'll try to not worry but has uno people with anxiety can't help it. And then the pains wT come with worrying

I know iv been terrible today and all evening on dr google even though we know it makes us worse it's like a addiction it's part of the illness,doesn't help we get such scary symptoms either, Iv gone through everything in my head what it is ,what it will be, imagined things and thought of all the worst outcomes, I find this forum helpful though that I'm not alone

Really hope u feel better soon

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