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Funny how we're a secret society of people, who don't share these thoughts and things with closest friends or family, but we're finding comfort in and sharing them with strangers. I guess what pulls us together is the thought/ feeling of understanding. I'm so happy that people can find peace. And that I was lead to this website. I remember when I first had this, I wish I had never been born, but now I'm glad I've experienced all of this. I will be able to help someone one day and we all will if we stay strong, find the one reason why we went through all of this and be able to tell that person, "I know what you're going through, and I'm here for you." It will all be worth it. Hope yall are doing great!

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I totally agree with your thoughts! I wouldn't choose to experience depression or anxiety attacks but if you can control them and can help others, you feel useful.


Completely agree. Still going through some tough days/hours but the future seems a more manageable prospect now and having you guys to talk to really helps. Take care all. X


Preach 🙌🏼


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