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Feel like I'm going crazy for the past 4 weeks iv had chest pains swollen gland in neck dizziness all day long numbness in face I'm 26 with 2 small children I carnt remember the last time I slept had X-rays that are normal and docs telling me it's anxiety it's taking over my life I'm loseing strength in my hands and this I 24/7 everyday anyone else get this I feel like I'm a ticking time bomb and any min I'm gonna have a heart attack?

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Yes I have 2 kids also and have been feeling this way since my now 10 month old was 3 months. I have a tremor heavy limbs/body, woozy/faint/lightheaded feeling, and the list goes on. I also feel like I am weaker, I have better periods and it's usually if I'm very busy or distracted but it takes a lot. I did do 3 sessions of accupunture which helped but since I've stopped the feelings are back. I wish I could be more help but at least you know your not the only one...

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It's so hard to deal with when u have children the dread u feel everyday like ur going to die or go mentally insane my head shut down to the point ino what I'm doing but things don't seem real and my head sometimes feels num x it's good to hear there are ppl like us but still I feel alone in this world just want my life back x


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