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I'm so sick of feeling sick and scared about my health. Everyday its something and I know this isn't caused by anxiety, but I wish it was. I'm so young and have so much to accomplish and achieve before I die. I feel like I have colon cancer and its spreading. I have constipation, blood in my stool, random sharp stabbing pains in my stomach and lower back. I feel weak and my body aches I get pains in my groin area, thighs, legs, neck, arms, and shoulders. I don't think I go through one day without feeling pain somewhere. I feel like the pain is from a tumor in my colon. The worst part is my GI doctor won't even offer me a colonoscopy. He thinks I'm too young for colon cancer but no one is too young for cancer. My lower back is hurting as I type this. I use to cry everyday in fear of having cancer now I don't I just want to be able to feel myself and good again. Hopefully one day I'll be at peace with my body. I can only hope.


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  • If your doctor will not refer you, go to another doctor. So many young people have been misdiagnosed, I am not in a position to say your condition is serious only a trained doctor, can so please get another doctor to refer you, it could be a blockage or anything, be strong and insist, take an adult with you if necessary, do this today xxx

  • I cant I have to wait 6 weeks to see another doctor. And ive been to the hospital 2 weeks ago they referred me to a doctor

  • Then if the hospital refereed you back to the doctors you need to accept what they have said. I am with wired, it could be IBS or something similar. Your anxiety is making it worse. Please focus on pleasant things which make you happy😊😊😊

  • I think if the Doctor thought there was any sign of cancer they would offer you the appropriate tests. They take into account all of your symptoms, your bloods etc when making a diagnosis. It's not worth their careers to miss something like cancer. Granted there are the rare cases it happens, but I'm sure it's not common.

    If you feel like you need a second opinion, of course you have the right to that and if that makes you feel better, do so. In the meantime try not to fret too much. The symptoms you describe could perhaps be something like IBS?

  • Thank you for your reply... It is possible to be ibs I went to the hospital the doctor said it was most likely colitis, ibs, or a number of other things he didn't mention cancer. But I did have blood in my stool which is obviously alarming.. The doctor said ibs could cause blood but I have read online which says nothing about blood and ibs. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

  • Hi Chey921,

    I had the very same !! Had a colonoscopy etc and found it had been irritable bowel syndrome all along !! Its a vicious circle - worrying makes it worse ! Its amazing how much stress can do to the body. Try to relax- go for a walk and appreciate the little things.Try meditation. Hope you feel better soon xxxxxx

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