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Hello! I'm a 29 year old female. This is the first time I've posted. Not even sure where to start. Anxiety has definitely got the best of me right now. Guess I'll start with what worries me most...

I had my first baby in 2006. In 2009 I was told I had cervical cancer. They suggested to remove that portion of my cervix and when I was finished having babies to have a hysterectomy. All paps have come back normal since the procedure. On and off I've had many ovarian cyst that have ended up rupturing on their own. Sucked, but no biggie really. In 2013 I finally got pregnant again and had my second baby girl in August of 2014. I started going to a new OBGYN at the beginning of this pregnancy. I was considered high risk because of the lack of cervix. During my first scan they found 2 ovarian cyst on my left ovary. They watched them and they continued to grow. The doctor decided he wanted to remove them at 16 weeks pregnant. I wanted another opinion because surgery is so risky during pregnancy and I was already at risk of losing my baby. Both doctors I saw said that they would never dream of removing them while I was pregnant. The new doctor began checking them every 2 weeks and they just stopped growing. Stayed the same size every scan. Still getting them checked every few months and no changes. They just kind of hang out in there I guess! My problem is that he really doesn't want to remove them just yet because I'm nursing my daughter still and he thinks that is more important. He's afraid my milk will dry up because I can't nurse for awhile after surgery and probably won't feel like pumping. He's not really concerned with them. But I am! I can't get it out of my head that they're cancerous!! I've been having lower back pain for almost a year now. Only on the left side and that's the side the cyst are on. The chiropractor did a X-ray of my back and says its sciatica pain. I've convinced myself that this "ovarian cancer" I believe I have has moved to my back/spine. I'm not even sure cancer travels like that, but I'm afaid to research it! I'm afraid I'll find too much and it will cause my anxiety to get way worse. Does anyone have that answer?? Does cancer "work" like that? Also, would cancer in the spine show up on an X-ray? These are all things I'd love/hate to Google! I have the sick feeling inside of me all the time. All I think about is leaving my children by dying from cancer. It brings me to tears on a daily basis. I've talked to my doctor and she's done routine blood tests. Not sure how that works either and if something would be off in my blood test if cancer was growing inside of me. Anyone know that too? My doctor says she believes I has a bit of PTSD from finding out about the cancer in 2009. I'm trying so hard to not take medication, but I'm afraid I can't take much more of this worry. Sorry this was SO long and thanks to whoever stuck it out until the end of this post! Any response is appreciated. Especially if you have answers to those few crazy questions I've asked! I feel like even just typing all this out has helped a tad. TIA!!

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Hi AMTO164, I am also a mum of 3 year old & this has def had an effect on my health anxiety I too feel on a daily basis that same feeling , my period was later by 10 days felt bloated like having period realky stressy dud test negative bit was worried about ectopic , & cysts & cancer ; my hormones all over place so down I feel so ill with it all to the point my jaw aches , luckily for me I came on , but demanded blood tests , examination for infection so il still get all these tests y these ,even if al comess back ok my problem is I worry panic they missed some thing x big hugs binkynoo x


Hi, in answer to the questions that you have asked: Yes, cancer does spread around the body, but it also shows up as some sort of "mass" on xrays so when you had yours, if there was anything there, I'm sure it would have been picked up. I would listen to your gp about the sciatica. The blood tests you were given takes a look at your white cell count, among other things, which, if there is cancer, it would show up as abnormal levels and would indicate that something was wrong and would prompt your gp to give further tests. As all of your results have come back normal, I think you can try to relax a bit. Tell yourself that your results are fine. And yes, I would agree with your gp about ptsd and no wonder. Now you have your little one, you would be terrified that cancer had come back and you don't want to leave your little one. Listen to your gp! I hope this helps and gives you the answers you need!!


Hi hun I'm suffering panic attacks/sweats but think its my age I'm about to try ST Johns Wart capsules from the Health shop they are said to be really good

..hope this helps.take care


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