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Please help, severe health anxiety and constant swollen lymph nodes

Hi everyone. I just need someone to talk to!

I done the dreaded thing and I googled! I've had a lump in my neck under my jaw at the right side for months now! It's not sore although sometimes I do have a problem with swill owing and my voice croaks. I seen the doc and she said a swollen gland an dismissed it. I have an underactive thyroid and am due a thyroid ultrasound at the end of this month. I googled and everything points to cancer.

- if you have a lump with no infection (check)

- if the lump has been there for more than 2 weeks and not changed in size (check)

I am totally freaking out j have some sort of lymphoma! I'm pregnant also ...

Im so scared and my family are getting sick of me constantly going on about it i think. I just don't know what to do or who to speak to.... I need help

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It sounds like its something to do with your thyroid my mam was the same a few months back but it just went away, seriously won't worry doctors don't ignore lumps like that so just relax and enjoy your pregnancy :-) :-)

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How long did it stay for ? Mines has been here for almost a year and I'm so scared


First of all calm down. My daughter had a swollen gland in her neck that was there for a few months. She had it looked at and they said it was a gland that would go down. (She was pregnant too at the time) It did go down but it took a while. She has an underactive thyroid as well and had to increase her medication whilst pregnant so it may have had something to do with that. How pregnant are you?


Thank you poppygirl. I'm about 17 weeks pregnant (constantly worried about that also) I also had to increase my thyroxine but before I even conceived I had ALOT of trouble with my thyroid. I'm lucky I even conceived in the first place I've had 5 years of fertility treatment and it all failed until I sorted my thyroid a bit. I also got diagnosed with hashimotos! I just have a fear everyday that I have some sort of cancer and can't shake it! I think I actually need mental help im 26 and never thought I'd be like this ever


Hi there My daughter was just like you and I took years to get pregnant so I know how that feels (12 years!!!) Please don't worry if your Doctor has dismissed it, they do know what they are looking for. The ultrasound will put your mind at rest. You are only just over 4 months and your hormones are still settling so give yourself time. Try and have lots of rest - you'll be soon running about when your little baby comes. My grand daughter is now two and my daughter is absolutely fine. Enjoy your pregnancy!!


I don't think the thyroid ultrasound will cover this new lump but I will mention it when I get there


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