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I Need To Go Into Detail


This is really frustrating me. So I went in to the emergency care and everything took about an hour. Vitals were fine, I told the doctor about the pinching pressure, she checked out my pelvis and said it was probably a cyst. She did NOT appear concerned at all and deemed the ultrasound unnecessary and offered it for my own peace of mind. I didn't do it, because she found it unnecessary and I quote: "overkill."

She pinned it that my period was probably two weeks ago and said that even if I were in pain (right now I'm just slightly uncomfortable), she still would believe me to fine and that this will resolve itself. In fact, I actually felt kind of neurotic with my fear because she sounded so sure it was "something, but nothing to worry over and that it'll go away."

But then, (thank you, Google), the horrendous stories have scared the crap out of me. They mention surgeries and ruptures, and this doesn't help me. How do I trust that this will go away?

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She also recommended I talk about medication for anxiety, but I told her I didn't want to take anything since that would create dependency on them. I also didn't want to deal with withdrawal symptoms.


DON'T GOOGLE.. ''She says'' :) I am one of the worse people for doing that and by now I shouldn't even be here according to google :) No wise words but know your not alone and sometimes it pays not to go searching too much on the net good luck xx

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I too get this pinching feeling and assumed it was ovarian cysts causing it. I have two cyst on my left ovary that will be removed when I'm finished nursing my daughter. I get a pinching feeling on the right and have had it checked multiple times thinking there could be a cyst on that side. There never is! I have endometriosis which they believe is causing this feeling during ovulation and right before and during my cycle. You may talk to your doctor about that. It's nothing serious so not trying to worry you! It can be fixed too!


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