Lumbar puncture/pressure/anxiety

Hi all! Hope everyone is going well! It's been awhile since I have been on here! I am going to try and make this as short as possible. The dr seen pressure behind my eyes. (Last year) Got an MRI(about 6 months ago), no tumor,aneurysm,blood clot etc etc THANK GOD. Headaches continued, vision doesn't seem as sharp and pressure was still there but not as bad at last visit. Dr wanted me to get a lumbar puncture. To check to see if I have Pseudotumor. So I went and got this done Friday. The day after I had to leave work because when I would stand or sit up I would have this annoying headache with this weird pressure feeling! It has progressively gotten better but the pressure feeling still persist when I stand and I have this pressure feeling in my face/jaw area & it is concerning to me. I am awaiting the call back from my Dr but am conflicted as to wether this is the dreded anxiety making me feel this way right now. Anyone ever have a slightly similar experience?


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  • Hi there. I haven't had a lumbar puncture so don't have any personal experience. I hope the Dr calls you back soon to put your mind at rest :) It's always good to get these things checked out anyway.

    hugs, Wired.

  • Dr has not called me back and won't be back in the office until wed, very frustrating. Thank you so much for your support!

  • My friend had something kind of similar. She had twitching/tremoring in her eyes and horrible headache/migraines. She went to the eye Dr. and he sent her to a neurologist immediately. He told her she either had a tumor or something else. When she got to the neurologist at the ER he did a spinal tap and she has ALOT of fluid that was causing pressure on her head and spine. Once the fluid was drained she felt better instantly. She has not had any issues since then. The Dr.'s never were able to tell her the cause. She had a cesction a couple months before so we just figured that was the cause.

  • Thanks a bunch for your reply!

  • Hi, sounds like migraine caused by anxiety. Suggest Clonidine to your doctor. When your stressed your BP rises, this can definitely cause a sensation of burning eyes, pressure in the temples. If he has done all the physical tests and scans and nothing, then its likely a 'mental' condition. BP - blood pressure as a result of stress or a physical condition(scans have ruled that out in your case), will be most noticeable when you go from resting (sitting) to standing. People advise stand up slowly, but for a young person, vertigo is unlikely and standing up slowly is unrealistic and if your in good physical health shouldn't be a problem. sounds like cluster/stress headaches, spikes in blood pressure, try medication before the Lumbar puncture. Unless there are other symptoms...medication before intrusive procedures are always better and cheaper

    best of luck

  • Thanks for your reply!

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