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Thyroid issue. Can someone help me out please?

About 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with hashimotos. The endocrinoligist knows that I have a googling obsession so he wrote down; sub-clinical hypothyroidism and hashimotos.

I received a letter the other day which was a copy of what the endo sent to the gp, but it said that I have sub-clinical HYPERthyroidism with no mention of hashimotos. I showed my boyfriend the note that the endo wrote for me to google and he agreed that it said HYPO. I told my mum to read the letter and she was too confused.

It also said that my thyroxine and t4 are within normal preference range, my tsh is high and i have antibodies involved.

Im so worried its something serious that has been missed .

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If I was you I would contact my Doctor or the Consultant & ask them to explain more clearly what you do not understand

Sometimes the way they put things can frighten us so much yet there can be a simple explanation that is not half as terrifying as our anxiety believes it is

There is another community on HU that is all about Thyroid issues I have copied a link which will take you straight to the Community & you should get some good advise on there also :-) x


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