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Worried about health?

Hi i'm a 15 year old girl, and in the past i've been tested numerous times for Leukaemia, the bloods have always come back negative. For as long as I can remember i've had swollen lymphnodes, rather large ones in my neck and groin, I've had a few cases of unexplained bruising, and recently got the contraceptive implant, It bruised really badly and took over two weeks to go, still slightly visible, I get joint pain and I tend to get sore muscles alot, I'm really tired quite often, I sleep up to 15 hours a day sometimes, meaning i miss alot of school. My gums also bleed badly when i brush my teeth and my cuts seem to take ages to heal. I get extremely bad periods and I've always suffered with abdominal pains and sickness. I always get really really worried about leukeamia and other cancers that I find myself surfing the internet everynight trying to look for some sort of explanation to my symptoms. Can anyone put my mind at ease? It's messing with my head and my education.

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I am hoping and trusting that you have a GOOD and TRUSTED physician. Place your faith in him. Be open with him in discussing your care and also your apprehension.

If you go to church, perhaps it would be good to talk to your minister, priest or rabbi.

Please keep in touch with us and continue to let us know what is going on.

I and all the people who read your message care. Please believe that.

Hope to hear from you soon ! XXX OOO


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