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Worried about my health 24/7

I have developed fast heart rate and chest pains on a daily they’re random and come and go... they are sharp!!! I’ve had an EKG and a monitor on my heart, they say it’s all good. Then I recently developed extremely bad headaches that sent me to the ER. Had a CT done and it was fine.... THEN I discovered there muscle spasms in my face... I am always worried that something is wrong with my health, and my anxiety makes my body react so much worse! I’m always tired too.... I have a one year old and it’s hard to function at times:( I also have been breaking down in tears a lot

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Try to see a psychiatrist and/or a therapist. Also is it possible you are suffering from ongoing post part stress. Check these things with your doctor.

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I went to my doc today he ran some test for inflammatory problems...... he upped my dose of my BuSPar which I haven’t noticed a whole lot of difference in this medicine :/


Sleep deprivation can cause all these symptoms as well..do you sleep well..plus low iron levels

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I sleep just fine! And I’ve been tested for all of it :( iron, glucose, anemic.... everything. Still have not found a darn thing but I’m tired of feeling this way on a daily


I’ve had a heart attack and have stents put in. I am 38.

Randomly I have these sharp pains and headaches.

I used to think they were attacks but I realised that it was acidity and gas.

Acidity triggers migraines for me as well.

Do you reckon this is could be one possible issue?

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I’m currently taking an anti acid medication my need have me it has helped my heart burn but not my random sharp chest pains..... they’re thinking I have an inflammatory issues somewhere.. I’ve done so many tests for my heart so I’m glad my heart isn’t the issue thank goodness!


Good. Glad to hear it’s not the heart. Acidity can be a pain. Imagine that I have panic attacks whenever I have acidity! When I had my heart attack it felt like acidity initially.... so you can imagine... watch your diet. Keep a diary about what you eat and how you feel after. These things often show up a pattern. If it’s inflammation then it will be solved. Don’t worry about it. Go vegan for a while, stay off gassy vegetables though, like broccoli etc...and citrusy stuff. It helps.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how did you know you were having a heart attack or what happened? How was it caught?


i want to know too

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Sorry I just saw this. I changed phones so my apps are not up to speed yet.

This will be a Long one. It seems to be important so I will elaborate.

The initial signs leading to this (for a few years) I felt numbness in my fingers and toes often.

It often felt like there wasn’t enough blood flowing in my arms and I always rubbed them. This went on for a while and it became obvious months before my heart Attack.

4 days before the heart attack.

I had “indigestion” and felt like vomiting.

It felt like acidity and almost always was alleviated by itself. It happened like clockwork three times a day.

8.30 am


And 2.30 pm

I know because I would be leaving for work and then lunch and I had scheduled meetings. So the timings are clear to me.

Usually if it’s acidity or gas then a modest burp would alleviate the feeling of bloated ness and similar symptoms.

In this case no such thing happened and it resolved itself.

I was in reality having mild angina.

4th day at 5am I woke and felt really nauseous and had to vomit.

I ran downstairs (so I wouldn’t wake my children) and dry heaved into the sink.

I felt like my life was draining out of me.

The vomiting/heaving went on for so Long that I had no chance to breathe.

Of course not a single drop of fluid came out of my mouth.

I had numbness both hands only at the pinky fingers and it reached the TOP of my shoulders.

The numbness was located at the base of my arm from the pinky finger to my shoulders.

My Wife has woken up by then and she suggested we go to the hospital.

Strangely I agreed( I still thought it was a bad case of indigestion).

I had none of the classic symptoms of a heart attack that is often repeated everywhere.

NOT one.

At the hospital they did an ecg and they detected a blip.

They kept me under observation for 8 hours and did repeated tests to check for a particular enzyme that shows a heart attack had occurred. And a few other tests which I don’t remember.

The third time (and the last time) while we waited for the results the doctors were almost about to sign off and blame it on indigestion when all of a sudden all he’ll broke loose.

The ECG wasn’t too happy it seems when they shifted me to the Resuscitation ward ! I didn’t even know that there was such a thing. I was having a full on heart attack (though I didn’t feel it).

They wrapped me up and I was in the Operating theatre where they found the problem via an angiogram and they did an angioplasty where 2 stents were inserted.

Evidently my main major artery the LAD( or as popularly called the widow maker) was 100% blocked.

That wasn’t a problem so much that a small piece of plaque had broken and became a clot. That clot nearly killed me at 38years old.

In short what I thought was an indigestion was a heart Attack.

Important piece of information.

5 days before ( I can’t be sure about the time frame exactly) I felt an electrical current run across my heart. You know like when someone hits your elbow and you get that electrical sensation? Like that but across by left chest.

It took my breath away and really scared me.

I think that was the time the plaque broke.

So yes I was really blessed. I had a heart attack whilst I was surrounded by specialist Doctors in the ER.

Funny how God works(Allah for me).

He made sure to drag me all the way to the hospital so that I could be helped.

A real sobering experience.

Signs that you should not ignore.

1) you find yourself getting out of breath.

2) always tired and have a really Low energy levels.

3) numbness

4) indigestion out of the blue and nothing seems to help to remedy it.

Plus all the classic symptoms that you can pick up on the net.


How are you doing by the way? Acidity sorted? If not take half a teaspoon of baking sofa and mix it in water and drink up.

Repeat one or two more times over 2 days.

Not too much of it. It worked absolute wonders for me over those medical antacids.


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